Hotat Bani Tamim

Hotat Bani Tamim (Arabic: حوطة بني تميم) is a Saudi Arabian town, adjacent to Riyadh. Its population is about 40,000. Most of the residents are from the Tamimi tribe. Hotat Bani Tamim is located 135 km south of Riyadh's southern ring road, and slightly northeast of the Ibex Reserve Protected Area.


The town is linked with a new highway with the capital Riyadh to be 153 km.[1] Recently, the government agreed a plan to build a new domestic airport in the town to serve the southern Riyadh towns such as: Al-kharj and Hotat Bani tamim.[2]

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Coordinates: 23°29′12″N 46°53′04″E / 23.48679°N 46.88450°E / 23.48679; 46.88450

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