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Flag of Saudi Arabia
Flag of Saudi Arabia

Emblem of Saudi Arabia
Emblem of Saudi Arabia
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Saudi Arabia, officially the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), is a country in West Asia and the Middle East. It covers the bulk of the Arabian Peninsula and has a land area of about 2150000 km2 (830000 sq mi), making it the fifth-largest country in Asia and the largest in the Middle East. It is bordered by the Red Sea to the west; Jordan, Iraq, and Kuwait to the north; the Persian Gulf, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates to the east; Oman to the southeast; and Yemen to the south. Bahrain is an island country off its east coast. The Gulf of Aqaba in the northwest separates Saudi Arabia from Egypt and Israel. Saudi Arabia is the only country with a coastline along both the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf, and most of its terrain consists of arid desert, lowland, steppe, and mountains. The capital and largest city is Riyadh; the kingdom also hosts Islam's two holiest cities of Mecca and Medina. (Full article...)

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Jeddah (English: /ˈɛdə/ JED), alternatively transliterated as Jedda, Jiddah or Jidda (/ˈɪdə/ JID; Arabic: جِدَّة, romanizedJidda, Hejazi Arabic pronunciation: [ˈ(d)ʒɪd.da]), is a port city in Makkah Province, Saudi Arabia, located along the Red Sea coast in the Hejaz region. Jeddah is the commercial center of the country. It is not known when Jeddah was founded, but Jeddah's prominence grew in 647 when the Caliph Uthman made it a travel hub serving Muslim travelers going to the holy city of Mecca for Islamic pilgrimage. Since those times, Jeddah has served as the gateway for millions of pilgrims who have arrived in Saudi Arabia, traditionally by sea and recently by air.

With a population of about 3,751,722 people as of 2022, Jeddah is the largest city in Makkah Province, the largest city in Hejaz, the second-largest city in Saudi Arabia (after the capital Riyadh), and the ninth-largest in the Middle East. It also serves as the administrative centre of the OIC. Jeddah Islamic Port, on the Red Sea, is the thirty-sixth largest seaport in the world and the second-largest and second-busiest seaport in the Middle East (after Dubai's Port of Jebel Ali). (Full article...)
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12 March 2024 –
Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund announces a $2 billion offer to buy both professional tennis tours, the ATP Tour and the WTA Tour. (The Telegraph)

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Map of the Battle of the Trench

The Battle of the Trench (Arabic: غزوة الخندق, romanizedGhazwat al-Khandaq), also known as the Battle of Khandaq (Arabic: معركة الخندق, romanizedMa’rakah al-Khandaq) and the Battle of the Confederates (Arabic: غزوة الاحزاب, romanizedGhazwat al-Ahzab), was part of the conflict between the Muslims and the Quraysh, where this time the Quraysh took the offensive and advanced on the Muslims, who defended themselves in Medina by digging a trench around their settlement at the suggestion of Salman the Persian. The battle, which took place in 627 and lasted around two weeks, was lightly fought, with the Muslims reported to have suffered five to six casualties and the Quraysh three.

The Quraysh, tired of seeing the Islamic prophet Muhammad continue to raid and plunder their trade caravans despite his defeat at the Battle of Uhud, decided to occupy his city base, Medina. Realizing that they had little military capability as they were only merchants, they negotiated vigorously with the Bedouins to get them to join the campaign. The Banu Nadir, whom Muhammad had previously expelled from Medina, were also part of this effort, to the extent that they offered the Bedouins half of their crops in Khaybar to persuade them to take part. In the end, they reportedly managed to gather a confederate force of 10,000 men (Watt estimates less than 7,500), including Banu Ghatafan, Banu Sulaym, and Banu Asad. (Full article...)

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