Area codes 204, 431, and 584

The area serviced by area codes 204, 431, and 584 in blue with neighbouring provinces, territories, and U.S. states in other colours

Area codes 204, 431, and 584 are telephone area codes in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) for the entire Canadian province of Manitoba. Area code 204 is one of the original North American area codes assigned in 1947, and 431 and 584 are area codes that overlay the entire numbering plan area (NPA).

The incumbent local exchange carrier for the area codes is Bell MTS.

In 2009, the Canadian Numbering Administrator forecast that area code 204 would be exhausted within a few years even though there are only 1.2 million people in the entire province. An area code provides about 7.8 million telephone numbers, Canada uses an allocation scheme that allots all 10,000+ numbers of a central office prefix to competitive local exchange carriers even for the smallest hamlets. Canada does not implement number pooling. Therefore, once a number is allocated to a rate centre, it cannot be reassigned elsewhere even if a rate centre has more than enough numbers to service it. The number exhaustion was caused by the proliferation of cell phones, particularly in and around Winnipeg.

In July 2010, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission approved a province-wide overlay with area code 431 for implementation in November 2012.[1] On July 30, 2012, 10-digit dialing became mandatory throughout the province.[2] Although that had the effect of allocating about 15.6 million numbers to a province of just over 1.2 million people, MTS and other carriers in the province preferred that method to a geographical split, which would have seen one part of the province retain area code 204 and another part receive the new area code 431. The province's telephone companies wanted to spare Manitobans, particularly in rural areas, the expense and the burden of changing telephone numbers.

Area code 584 was reserved as a third area code for the region in February 2007. It was implemented on October 29, 2022.[3][4][5]

Service area and central office codes

Calls to the following communities can be direct-dialed from Winnipeg as a local call: Dugald, Lockport, Lorette, Oakbank, St. Adolphe, St. Francois Xavier, Sanford, Starbuck, Stonewall, and Stony Mountain.

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  • Area Code Map of Canada
Manitoba area codes: 204, 431
North: 867
West: 306, 639 204/431 East: 807, 819/873
South: 701, 218
Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut area codes: 867
Saskatchewan area codes: 306, 639
Ontario area codes: 226/519/548, 249/705, 289/365/905, 343/613, 416/437/647, 807
Quebec area codes: 367/418/581, 438/514, 450/579, 819/873
Minnesota area codes: 218, 320, 507, 612, 651, 763, 952
North Dakota area codes: 701

Coordinates: 55°4′30″N 97°31′30″W / 55.07500°N 97.52500°W / 55.07500; -97.52500 (Area code 204/431)

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