Al Alia International Indian School

Al-Alia International Indian School
مدرسة العالية الهندية العالمية
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Prince Fahad Ibn Ibrahim Al Saud Street

Coordinates24°39′18″N 46°43′45″E / 24.65500°N 46.72917°E / 24.65500; 46.72917Coordinates: 24°39′18″N 46°43′45″E / 24.65500°N 46.72917°E / 24.65500; 46.72917
Other nameAl Aliya International School[1]
Former nameAl-Alia Indian Central School
School typePrivate day school
MottoScaling Greater Heights Still...
Opened3 April 2003; 19 years ago (2003-04-03)
FounderThomas Chandy
School boardCentral Board of Secondary Education
Educational authority Ministry of Education, Saudi Arabia
ChairpersonMary Chandy
PrincipalDr. Shanu C. Thomas
Academic Supervisor (Boys Section)Kurien George
Vice Principal (Girls Senior Section)Dr. Treesa J Johnson
Vice Principal (Girls Junior Section)Soji Abraham
GenderCo-education (till kindergarten)
Gender-isolated (from first grade)
Age range4 to 18
Education systemIndian
  • Boys
  • Ruby
  • Topaz
  • Emerald
  • Sapphire
  • Girls
  • Ruby
  • Topaz
  • Emerald
  • Sapphire
AffiliationCBSE Gulf Sahodaya

Al-Alia International Indian School (AAIIS) (Arabic: مدرسة العالية الهندية العالمية, romanizedal-Madrasah al-ʿĀlīyah al-ʿĀlamīyah al-Hindīyah; Malayalam: അല്‍-അലിയ ഇന്റര്‍നാഷണല്‍ ഇന്ത്യന്‍ സ്‌കൂളു, romanizedal-Aliya Inṟarnāṣaṇal Intyan Skūḷa) is a K–12 gender-isolated English-medium community-based foreign school in al-Malazz neighborhood of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, primarily serving the Indian diaspora,[2] mostly Malayalis.[3] Established in 2003 by Indian politician and businessman Thomas Chandy,[4] the school offers Indian curriculum prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education,[5] and is a member of the CBSE Gulf Sahodaya besides being approved by the country's Ministry of Education.


Establishment and early days

In January 2003, Indian politician and educationist Thomas Chandy announced the establishment of Al-Alia Indian Central School in the capital's al-Aziziyah neighborhood during a press-conference among journalists in Riyadh.[6] Chandy chose al-Aziziyah neighborhood in order to cope with the soaring education needs of the Indian community in Manfuhah and Ghubaira neighborhoods.[6] The school was inaugurated on 3 April 2003 with 23 teachers and 200 students with Dr. Ram Thakur being its inaugural principal. In 2009, the school shifted its premises from al-Aziziyah to a new campus in al-Malazz neighborhood.[7]

Al Alia International Indian School, Al Malazz campus

In 2012, Al Alia made headlines when it hosted a condolence meeting within its premises upon the death of former Indian ambassador to Saudi Arabia MO Hasan Farook Maricar.[8] More than 40 different leaders of various Indian organization attended the event presided over by the school's then principal, Pious John.[8] In May 2015, Al Alia International Indian School conducted an investiture ceremony of the Girls' Wing, in which Yara school's principal Aasima Saleem was invited as the chief guest.[9] Al Alia celebrated its 17th anniversary in late 2019, in which Rajesh Kumar from the Indian embassy in Riyadh was invited as chief guest.[10]

Inter-school events timeline

In November 2013, Yara International School defeated Al Alia International Indian School at the third Inter-School Football tournament organized by LuLu Group.[11] In 2014, Al-Alia took part in the Peevees UN Simulation Conference which was chaired by Capt. William Roe, managing director of the Saudi Aviation Flight Academy[12] and hosted by Al Yasmin International School in Riyadh.[13] In November 2015, Al-Alia participated in Lulu-Keli Inter-School Football Tournament hosted by LuLu Group at Nasriya Al-Asima International Stadium in Riyadh[14] and also faced-off against Yara International School.[15] In 2017, Riyadh Indian Association (RIA) hosted RIA Faber Castell Impressions 2017, in which 700 students from different countries participated, including Al Alia.[16] IISR blanked out Al Alia in the 5th Keli Inter-School Football Tournament for Safa Makkah Cup held at Nadi Al-Riyadh Stadium.[17]

Management and key people

Al-Alia International Indian School is owned by Mohammad Hamad Abdullah Al Humaidi, a Kuwaiti educationist[18] and is presently managed by a committee 3 permanent and 8 non-permanent members.[19]

List of members of the School Managing Committee
Name Position held Tenure
Mary Chandy Chairperson Permanent
Dr. Toby Chandy Vice-Chairman Permanent
Tessy Joel Jacob Member Permanent
Dr. Shanu C. Thomas Secretary and principal Non-permanent
Priya Oommen Joy Member Non-permanent
Adv. John Thomas Member Non-permanent
Usha Thomas Member Non-permanent
Dhanya Sarath Member Non-permanent
Asha Saju Sam Member Non-permanent
Leena Varghese Member Non-permanent
Laly Alexander Member Non-permanent
List of principals of the school
Principal In office
Dr. Ram Dial Thakur 2003 – 2007
Renjith Alexander 2007 – 2011
Pious John 2011 – 2015
Dr. Shanu Chandy Thomas 2015 – present

Motto, vision and mission


The school's motto, "Scaling Greater Heights Still", is derived from its very name, Al-Alia (Arabic: العالِيَة‎, romanizedal-ʿālīyah), which translates to "the high" or "elevated".

Vision and mission

According to the school's official website, the institute's stated vision and mission are:[20]


To build creative, disciplined, compassionate leaders of tomorrow and to strive for excellence in imparting education at par with international standards and enable students to make effective contributions to society


To create knowledge and promote personal growth opportunities for the students to scale greater heights in life, to develop each student in to a balanced individual with leadership qualities capable of responding to the demands of the modern era with commitment to personal growth and community development, to provide quality education in a disciplined and stimulating learning environment with strong Indian ethos.


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