Bermuda Saint George's Parish,Saint George's Parish Place Directory

Myrons Rest

4CHQ+347, Rices

Coordinate: 17.12766000,-62.56221400

category: Lodging

Hanley Road Community Center

4CFQ+9C5, Rices

Coordinate: 17.12339660,-62.56139340

category: Local Government Office

Major and Ionatross

Unnamed Road, Stonyhill

Coordinate: 17.12805450,-62.56301540

category: Lodging

Wesleyan Holiness Church

Bucks Hill, Nevis

Coordinate: 17.12862310,-62.56734860

category: Church

Give & Take Bar

4CHJ+9JM, Stonyhill

Coordinate: 17.12846610,-62.56845500

category: Bar

Browne's Footwear

Zethlands Estate Gingerland, Nevis

Coordinate: 17.12854440,-62.55302770

category: Shoe Store

St. Georges Anglican Church

4CJH+9P7, Stonyhill

Coordinate: 17.13092230,-62.57070530

category: Church

SEES - Shelisia's Extraordinary Experiences

Gingerland St. George's Parish Nevis

Coordinate: 17.13258830,-62.55317100

category: Lodging

Fenton Hill C O G O P

4CMW+2PP, Gingerland

Coordinate: 17.13258830,-62.55317100

category: Church

Abandoned Cholera Cemetery


Coordinate: 17.13168290,-62.57180120

category: Cemetery

Nauvoo Nevis

Shaw Road, Nevis Mount Nevis Hotel Parish Nevis

Coordinate: 17.12727710,-62.57355150

category: Restaurant

Gingerland Public Cemetery


Coordinate: 17.13214500,-62.57207660

category: Cemetery

Gingerland Primary School

4CPH+3WX, Stonyhill

Coordinate: 17.13524480,-62.57015550

category: School

Gingerland Secondary School

4CMH+J8H, Stonyhill

Coordinate: 17.13406480,-62.57163410

category: Secondary School

Saint John de la Salle Church

4CJG+WQ2, Stonyhill

Coordinate: 17.13226730,-62.57310220

category: Church

OMG/OgTunz Inc

Old Manor Estates

Coordinate: 17.13363800,-62.57279720

category: Electronics Store

Bull’s Gym

Matchman's Road, Stonyhill

Coordinate: 17.13393150,-62.57274990

category: Gym

Ogs Dojo

Unnamed Road, Stonyhill

Coordinate: 17.13382830,-62.57292120

category: Shopping Mall

Gingerland Methodist Church

Chapel Alley, Stonyhill

Coordinate: 17.13157740,-62.57467270

category: Church

Nevis Heritage Village

Fothergill's Estate, Gingerland, St Kitts & Nevis

Coordinate: 17.14095600,-62.56192650

category: Museum

Ebenezer United Church of Jesus Christ Apostolic

Old Manor Estate, Taylors Pasture

Coordinate: 17.13196300,-62.57691260

category: Church

Calvary Baptist Church

4CQG+FX6, Stonyhill

Coordinate: 17.13865790,-62.57260500

category: Church

Golden Rock Inn - 4.5 star hotel

Golden Rock Hotel Gingerland, Nevis

Coordinate: 17.14305220,-62.56668730

category: Lodging

Gingerland Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Meads Pasture, Gingerland, St Kitts & Nevis

Coordinate: 17.13162960,-62.57972070

category: Church

The Rocks

4CVM+79F, Gingerland

Coordinate: 17.14317860,-62.56658520

category: Restaurant

Tranquility Annexe

Old Manor Road, Zetlands, Nevis

Coordinate: 17.13481830,-62.57866220

category: Local Government Office

Hill Top Bar and Restaurant

4CJ9+328, Pond Hill

Coordinate: 17.13015730,-62.58243330

category: Restaurant

Abandoned Hotel

Zetlands, Pond Hill

Coordinate: 17.13264990,-62.58192300

category: Lodging

Zetland Plantation Inn

Zetland Plantation, Nevis

Coordinate: 17.13301450,-62.58185090

category: Tourist Attraction

Mt Nevis Summit Trailhead

4CRF+VF9, Fountain

Coordinate: 17.14216930,-62.57626890

category: Park

zetland heights

west indies, upper round road hermitage estates, nevis

Coordinate: 17.13765420,-62.58063180

category: Lodging

Dunbar Mill

Saint George Gingerland Parish Nevis Saint Kitts and Nevis

Coordinate: 17.13634450,-62.58169400

category: Lodging

Passion Bar & Grill

Pond Hill St Kitts & Nevis, Pond Hill

Coordinate: 17.12367690,-62.58480300

category: Bar

Sha She's Salon

Beach Road, Pond Hill

Coordinate: 17.13032160,-62.58441780

category: Shopping Mall

Gabriella's Sports Bar

Beach Road Pond Hill Nevis

Coordinate: 17.13022450,-62.58478350

category: Bar

Bacchus Field

4CQ8+8MH, Pond Hill

Coordinate: 17.13830930,-62.58325340

category: Local Government Office

Elizabeth pemberton primary school

4CG6+CQ6, Pond Hill

Coordinate: 17.12604570,-62.58811590

category: School

Nevis International Secondary School

Pond Hill

Coordinate: 17.12585890,-62.58816890

category: Secondary School

Strikers Car Rental & Auto

Hermitage Road St. John’s Parish Nevis

Coordinate: 17.12970220,-62.58801640

category: Car Rental

A to Z Auto Colour Plus

Cole Hill Gingerland, Nevis

Coordinate: 17.13004110,-62.58839040

category: Car Repair

A to Z Auto Colour Plus

Cole Hill Charlestown, Nevis

Coordinate: 17.13003780,-62.58839120

category: Car Repair

New River Estate

Unnamed Road, Mannings

Coordinate: 17.14905360,-62.54965470

category: Museum

The Hermitage Inn

Hermitage Road, St John's Parish, Gingerland

Coordinate: 17.13352530,-62.58811250

category: Lodging

St. John’s Pentecostal Church

Unnamed Road, Pond Hill

Coordinate: 17.13034200,-62.58943290

category: Church

Montpelier Plantation Inn

4CF5+6RR, St Johns Parish Montpelier Es, Pond Hill

Coordinate: 17.12312040,-62.59023420

category: Lodging