Stanaford in West Virginia, United States Places Directory

Stanaford Missionary Baptist

123 Hoist Road, Stanaford

Coordinate: 37.81641100,-81.15144840

category: Church

Dollar General

1117 Stanaford Road, Beckley

Coordinate: 37.81673040,-81.15270230

category: Drugstore

Learning Tree Inc

302 Overlook Drive, Beckley

Coordinate: 37.81437040,-81.15208860

category: School

Mains Systems Inc.

161 Hoist Road, Beckley

Coordinate: 37.81597130,-81.14998370

category: Plumber

Stanaford Elementary School

950 Stanaford Road, Beckley

Coordinate: 37.81242900,-81.15391700

category: Primary School

Stanaford Cemetery

1185 Stanaford Road, Beckley

Coordinate: 37.81973130,-81.15333300

category: Cemetery

Harvey Jeffrey R DDS

104 Eastview Lane, Beckley

Coordinate: 37.81220990,-81.14944110

category: Dentist

Eric S. Waddell

149 Porterfield Lane, Beckley

Coordinate: 37.81212370,-81.15627160

category: Car Dealer

Bruce's Barber Shop

107 Killeen Street, Beckley

Coordinate: 37.81105480,-81.15618380

category: Hair Care

Brandon's Muffler Shop

921 Ragland Road, Beckley

Coordinate: 37.81463600,-81.15973320

category: Car Repair

Mac Arthur Auto Body & Repair

852 Stanaford Road, Stanaford

Coordinate: 37.81091040,-81.15676080

category: Car Repair

United States Postal Service

909 Ragland Road, Stanaford

Coordinate: 37.81485290,-81.16016520

category: Post Office

Advanced Urethane Engineering [email protected]

833 Stanaford Road, Beckley

Coordinate: 37.81090800,-81.15810460

category: Storage

Kitchen Gallery

902 Ragland Road, Beckley

Coordinate: 37.81454500,-81.16077500

category: Furniture Store

Matt's Barber Shop and Shave

920 Ragland Road, Beckley

Coordinate: 37.81410460,-81.16070950

category: Hair Care

Sammy's Storage and Setup

920 Ragland Road, Beckley

Coordinate: 37.81410460,-81.16070950

category: Storage

Salon Bella

835 Ragland Road, Beckley

Coordinate: 37.81565890,-81.16240800

category: Spa


815 Ragland Road, Beckley

Coordinate: 37.81513040,-81.16290380

category: Car Repair

J & J Fabricating, Inc.

801 Ragland Road, Beckley

Coordinate: 37.81571570,-81.16371150

category: Car Repair

Bolen's Auto Sales

774 Ragland Road, Stanaford

Coordinate: 37.81435490,-81.16430600

category: Car Dealer

Auto Clean Auto Doctor

106 Oakview Lane, Beckley

Coordinate: 37.80784560,-81.14491610

category: Car Wash

Bloom Beauty Bar

1469 Stanaford Road, Beckley

Coordinate: 37.82577880,-81.14991560

category: Hair Care

Wooton Park

356 Fernadez Drive, Beckley

Coordinate: 37.81827140,-81.16522660

category: Park

Linda K. Epling Stadium

200 Stadium Drive, Beckley

Coordinate: 37.81506890,-81.16576300

category: Stadium

Ike's Preowned Auto Sales LLC

708 Stanaford Road #8737, Beckley

Coordinate: 37.80769320,-81.16118930

category: Car Dealer

Grace Baptist Church

281 Union Hall Road, Beckley

Coordinate: 37.80425300,-81.15595100

category: Church

Finnie General Contracting

612 Stanaford Road, Beckley

Coordinate: 37.80615690,-81.16293380

category: Plumber

Aaa Mini-Storage


Coordinate: 37.80601790,-81.16321440

category: Storage

Cappellari Charles W DDS

115 East Bunting Lane, Beckley

Coordinate: 37.80250500,-81.15110130

category: Dentist

R W Electric Inc.

122 Electric Avenue, Beckley

Coordinate: 37.81630310,-81.16956870

category: Electrician

Craft Warehouse Tamarack

584 Ragland Road, Beckley

Coordinate: 37.81350650,-81.16971110

category: Storage

State Electric Supply Co

530 Ragland Road, Beckley

Coordinate: 37.81314080,-81.17122650

category: Home Goods Store

Stanaford Tire Shop

514 Stanaford Road, Beckley

Coordinate: 37.80458600,-81.16509600

category: Car Repair

Red Woof Inn Resort & Day Spa

529 Ragland Road, Beckley

Coordinate: 37.81367400,-81.17200690

category: Lodging


490 Ragland Road, Beckley

Coordinate: 37.81245000,-81.17220000

category: Car Repair

Central Van Lines

515 Ragland Road, Beckley

Coordinate: 37.81341000,-81.17253200

category: Moving Company

Hostess Cakes

515 Ragland Road, Beckley

Coordinate: 37.81340000,-81.17254800

category: Bakery

Warden Cemetery

123 Dixieland Road, Beckley

Coordinate: 37.80342430,-81.16609830

category: Cemetery


468 Stanaford Road, Beckley

Coordinate: 37.80335830,-81.16661660

category: Restaurant

Godfather's Pizza

468 Stanaford Road, Beckley

Coordinate: 37.80330630,-81.16654470

category: Restaurant


468 Stanaford Road, Stanaford

Coordinate: 37.80332210,-81.16685940

category: Gas Station

White Pines Manufactured Housing Community

112 Cessna Street, Beckley

Coordinate: 37.80168150,-81.16419210

category: Rv Park

Sunoco Gas Station

468 Stanaford Road, Beckley

Coordinate: 37.80326730,-81.16689170

category: Gas Station

Little General Store

450 Stanaford Road, Beckley

Coordinate: 37.80274900,-81.16670300

category: Gas Station

On Point Health & Wellness

21 Mallard Court, Beckley

Coordinate: 37.79949140,-81.15990330

category: Spa