Rand in West Virginia, United States Places Directory

Midland Dr & Clemson Ave

United States

Coordinate: 38.28327000,-81.56323000

category: Transit Station

Conley's Hairstyling

5215 Midland Drive, Charleston

Coordinate: 38.28284100,-81.56353680

category: Hair Care

Valley View Apartment

5222 Kanawha Boulevard East, Charleston

Coordinate: 38.28161970,-81.56232560

category: Lodging

Kanawha Valley Chpt.

5215 Midland Drive, Charleston

Coordinate: 38.28284930,-81.56354930

category: Beauty Salon

Midland Dr & Davidson Ave

United States

Coordinate: 38.28103000,-81.56376000

category: Transit Station

Levi First Missionary Baptist

5125 Church Drive, Charleston

Coordinate: 38.28368070,-81.56480130

category: Church

Midland Dr & Bluefield Ave

United States

Coordinate: 38.28524000,-81.56265000

category: Transit Station

Rand Volunteer Fire Department

5308 Church Drive, Charleston

Coordinate: 38.28061300,-81.56465200

category: Fire Station

Budget Pre-Owned Auto

5014 Kanawha Boulevard East, Malden

Coordinate: 38.28553500,-81.56110900

category: Car Dealer

Sneakz to Bling

5222 Elaine Drive, Charleston

Coordinate: 38.28221910,-81.56690500

category: Jewelry Store

Charlie Bob's Bar

5357 Midland Drive # M, Charleston

Coordinate: 38.27890600,-81.56438900

category: Bar

Heiner's Bakery Inc

5015 Raven Drive, Charleston

Coordinate: 38.28583600,-81.56548300

category: Bakery

Bam Trucking Llc

5001 Church Drive, Charleston

Coordinate: 38.28643410,-81.56427380

category: Moving Company

Lori Walls

5320 Elaine Drive, Charleston

Coordinate: 38.28006370,-81.56707640

category: Lodging

Kanawha County Project Offices

300 Glade Avenue, Charleston

Coordinate: 38.28673400,-81.56490200

category: Real Estate Agency

Minor Adjustments

5009 Elaine Drive, Charleston

Coordinate: 38.28588980,-81.56666730

category: Hair Care

Store All of Rand

4901 Midland Drive, Charleston

Coordinate: 38.28751180,-81.56228460

category: Storage

Rand University

5425 Midland Drive, Charleston

Coordinate: 38.27787050,-81.56474140

category: Gas Station

Dollar General

4817 Midland Drive, Charleston

Coordinate: 38.28790210,-81.56189860

category: Drugstore

Midland Dr & Furman Dr

United States

Coordinate: 38.27751000,-81.56434000

category: Transit Station

Farrar Memorial Baptist Church

5501 Church Drive, Charleston

Coordinate: 38.27773570,-81.56563490

category: Church

Dave's Tire Services

4810 Kanawha Boulevard East, Charleston

Coordinate: 38.28804600,-81.56017600

category: Car Repair

Carver Career & Technical

United States

Coordinate: 38.28936000,-81.56113000

category: Transit Station

Carver Career and Technical Education Center

4799 Midland Drive, Charleston

Coordinate: 38.28942510,-81.56282180

category: School

Kanawha County Schools

4799 Midland Drive, Charleston

Coordinate: 38.28943280,-81.56277460

category: School

D&L Used Cars

5613 Midland Drive, Malden

Coordinate: 38.27597600,-81.56461500

category: Car Dealer

A&J Truck and Trailer Services

4798 Kanawha Boulevard East, Charleston

Coordinate: 38.28913340,-81.55941190

category: Car Repair

Carver Career Center: Veterinary Technology Program

4799 Midland Drive, Charleston

Coordinate: 38.28955810,-81.56289900

category: School

Deanna Bird LLC/ @ The Studio

303 37th St, MacCorkle Avenue Southeast, Charleston

Coordinate: 38.28632810,-81.57006820

category: Hair Care

Nae's Chubby Monkee Cakes and Creations LLC.

5513 Elaine Drive, Charleston

Coordinate: 38.27707470,-81.56855910

category: Bakery

Fabulous Facts Upholstery

5609 Raven Drive, Charleston

Coordinate: 38.27601980,-81.56677920

category: Furniture Store

Midland Dr & Church Dr

United States

Coordinate: 38.27508000,-81.56450000

category: Transit Station

Kanawha Valley History Center-Rcc

5701 Church Drive, Charleston

Coordinate: 38.27514380,-81.56553750

category: Library

ChurchTrail com

5808 Church Drive, Malden

Coordinate: 38.27337230,-81.56556910

category: Lodging

Midland Dr & Marshall Ave

United States

Coordinate: 38.27237300,-81.56463900

category: Transit Station

Big Lots

7200 MacCorkle Avenue Southeast, Charleston

Coordinate: 38.29264060,-81.56697840

category: Furniture Store

Sassy Scissors

708 Georges Drive, Charleston

Coordinate: 38.28999720,-81.55093450

category: Beauty Salon

Mary Virginia Gospel

830 Georges Drive, Charleston

Coordinate: 38.28521070,-81.54787740

category: Church

MacCorkle Ave & 72nd St

United States

Coordinate: 38.29366000,-81.56718000

category: Transit Station

Jacobs Law Office

7020 MacCorkle Avenue Southeast, Charleston

Coordinate: 38.29425910,-81.56670250

category: Lawyer

Savvy Shears

9209 MacCorkle Avenue Southeast, Charleston

Coordinate: 38.27298480,-81.57310480

category: Beauty Salon

Tax & Revenue Department-Personnel

322 70th Street Southeast, Charleston

Coordinate: 38.29527780,-81.56614700

category: Accounting

Du Pont Middle School

1 Williams Avenue, Charleston

Coordinate: 38.26985690,-81.56657050

category: Secondary School

MacCorkle Ave & 70th St

United States

Coordinate: 38.29552000,-81.56651000

category: Transit Station

Steven G Ash Insurance LLC

322 West 34th Street, Belle

Coordinate: 38.26902620,-81.56699830

category: Insurance Agency