Nitro in West Virginia, United States Places Directory

Fire Emergency Calls


Coordinate: 38.41481460,-81.84401970

category: Fire Station

Pruitt & Sons Roofing


Coordinate: 38.41481460,-81.84401970

category: Roofing Contractor

1st Ave & 8th St

United States

Coordinate: 38.41537000,-81.84409000

category: Transit Station

Corns' Fabrics & Drapery Co

504 5th Street, Nitro

Coordinate: 38.41355440,-81.84367450

category: Furniture Store

Nitro Church of Christ

20 Main Avenue, Nitro

Coordinate: 38.41378920,-81.84525960

category: Church

Main Ave & Lock St

United States

Coordinate: 38.41356000,-81.84546000

category: Transit Station


402 4th Street, Nitro

Coordinate: 38.41311630,-81.84383270

category: Gas Station

13th street barbershop

1300 13th Street, Nitro

Coordinate: 38.41774250,-81.84355720

category: Hair Care

Shelly's Hair Design

1300 13th Street, Nitro

Coordinate: 38.41779340,-81.84358440

category: Beauty Salon

1st Ave & 13th St

United States

Coordinate: 38.41795000,-81.84376100

category: Transit Station

Nitro Church of God

1517 15th Street, Nitro

Coordinate: 38.41874760,-81.84190060

category: Church


151 Main Avenue, Nitro

Coordinate: 38.41030200,-81.84477690

category: Atm

Diehl's Restaurant

United States

Coordinate: 38.41013000,-81.84451000

category: Transit Station

Nitro High School

1300 Park Avenue, Nitro

Coordinate: 38.41948710,-81.84583600

category: Secondary School

Diehl's Restaurant

152 Main Avenue, Nitro

Coordinate: 38.40986920,-81.84399400

category: Restaurant

Pete's Bike Shop

1800 18th Street Suite B, Nitro

Coordinate: 38.42020200,-81.84291900

category: Bicycle Store

Greene Tax Services

103 Main Avenue, Nitro

Coordinate: 38.40923000,-81.84396400

category: Accounting

1st Ave & 18th St

United States

Coordinate: 38.42042000,-81.84308000

category: Transit Station


1902 19th Street, Nitro

Coordinate: 38.42068800,-81.84274400

category: Insurance Agency

Jack Reed & Son Frame & Body Shop

124 Main Avenue, Nitro

Coordinate: 38.40881460,-81.84422940

category: Car Repair

Main Ave & Beech St

United States

Coordinate: 38.40869000,-81.84406000

category: Transit Station

Nitro Masonic Lodge #170

1917 19th Street, Nitro

Coordinate: 38.42065320,-81.84153720

category: Night Club

The Martin Law Firm

1901 19th Street Unit C, Nitro

Coordinate: 38.42090800,-81.84261490

category: Lawyer

Nitro Elementary School

1921 19th Street, Nitro

Coordinate: 38.42041900,-81.84042890

category: Primary School

Huntington Insurance


Coordinate: 38.42120850,-81.84251130

category: Insurance Agency


1905 1st Avenue, Nitro

Coordinate: 38.42123770,-81.84245770

category: Atm

Huntington Bank

1905 1st Avenue, Nitro

Coordinate: 38.42132370,-81.84237430

category: Bank

St Paul's United Methodist Church

2008 20th Street, Nitro

Coordinate: 38.42113510,-81.84136420

category: Church

Exam One

2006 20th Street, Nitro

Coordinate: 38.42141960,-81.84226600

category: Insurance Agency

Cooke Funeral Home

2002 20th Street, Nitro

Coordinate: 38.42143930,-81.84226170

category: Pet Store

Cooke Funeral Home & Crematorium

2002 20th Street, Nitro

Coordinate: 38.42147160,-81.84232990

category: Funeral Home

Underwood Field

1558-1600 Park Avenue, Nitro

Coordinate: 38.42116700,-81.84753990

category: Stadium

Nitro City Hall

2009 20th Street, Nitro

Coordinate: 38.42139250,-81.84103220

category: City Hall

Nitro Museum


Coordinate: 38.42151110,-81.84148290

category: Museum

Marrs Jewelers

1 Bank Street, Nitro

Coordinate: 38.42169880,-81.84214570

category: Jewelry Store

Nitro Fire Department

2009 20th Street, Nitro

Coordinate: 38.42130350,-81.84049900

category: Fire Station

Nitro Commumity Center

302 2nd Avenue, Nitro

Coordinate: 38.42120010,-81.84003120

category: Gym

Nitro Municipal Court

497 1st Avenue, Nitro

Coordinate: 38.42137770,-81.84045700

category: Courthouse

Katherine's Cafe

4 Bank Street, Nitro

Coordinate: 38.42188930,-81.84209920

category: Cafe

Nitro Children's Park


Coordinate: 38.42204940,-81.84514710

category: Park

LibertyX Bitcoin ATM

Kellys Hot Spot III, 389 Main Avenue, Nitro

Coordinate: 38.40752980,-81.84337570

category: Atm

Nitro World War I Museum

2003 20th Street, Nitro

Coordinate: 38.42144090,-81.83993960

category: Tourist Attraction

James K. King, RPh

100 21st Street, Nitro

Coordinate: 38.42202220,-81.84172320

category: Pharmacy

Tina M. Dailey, RPh

100 21st Street, Nitro

Coordinate: 38.42202810,-81.84174490

category: Pharmacy


100 21th St, Nitro

Coordinate: 38.42214060,-81.84182680

category: Drugstore