Monongah in West Virginia, United States Places Directory

greg lilley restoration church

409 Market Street, Monongah

Coordinate: 39.46258500,-80.21813770

category: Church

Wilson & Martino


Coordinate: 39.46258500,-80.21813770

category: Dentist

Family Dollar

539 Camden Avenue, Monongah

Coordinate: 39.46310340,-80.21787260

category: Supermarket

Monongah Middle School

550 Camden Avenue, Monongah

Coordinate: 39.46192860,-80.21789290

category: Secondary School

Holy Spirit Catholic Church

687 Maple Terrace, Fairmont

Coordinate: 39.46122500,-80.21868100

category: Church

Sibert Auto Repair

679 Camden Avenue, Monongah

Coordinate: 39.46339790,-80.22012160

category: Car Repair


679 Camden Avenue, Monongah

Coordinate: 39.46339790,-80.22012160

category: Restaurant


657 Pike Street, Monongah

Coordinate: 39.46365800,-80.22094440

category: Store


666 Pike Street, Fairmont

Coordinate: 39.46324860,-80.22186370

category: Movie Rental

Cardtronics ATM

666 Pike Street, Monongah

Coordinate: 39.46326010,-80.22186080

category: Atm

Circle K

666 Pike Street, Monongah

Coordinate: 39.46339760,-80.22183490

category: Meal Takeaway

Brogan Camille Raddish Playground / Rail Trail Reststop

63 Mine Road, Monongah

Coordinate: 39.46157620,-80.21450180

category: Museum


United States

Coordinate: 39.46347900,-80.22183500

category: Transit Station

Monongah Volunteer Fire Department

134 Bridge Street, Monongah

Coordinate: 39.46057910,-80.21466010

category: Fire Station

US Post Office Monongah

428 Camden Avenue, Fairmont

Coordinate: 39.46523800,-80.21500700

category: Post Office


430 Bridge Street, Monongah

Coordinate: 39.46062890,-80.21412890

category: City Hall

Mount Calvary Cemetery


Coordinate: 39.46032530,-80.22289450

category: Cemetery

Mt. Calvary Cemetery

39.4603004, -80.2236023, Monongah

Coordinate: 39.46015970,-80.22286760

category: Cemetery

Monongah Elementary School

628 Walnut Street, Monongah

Coordinate: 39.46479140,-80.22322590

category: School

Trinity United Methodist Church

319 Main Avenue, Monongah

Coordinate: 39.46043120,-80.21230580

category: Church

Prunty's Pub

3394 Stoney Lonesome, Fairmont

Coordinate: 39.46408920,-80.22526110

category: Bar

Monongah Furniture And Antiques

3044 Locust Avenue, Fairmont

Coordinate: 39.46716730,-80.21330290

category: Furniture Store

Monongah Baptist Church

256 Lyndon Avenue, Monongah

Coordinate: 39.46132560,-80.21028510

category: Church

Jenny's Hair Salon

Fesler Avenue, Fairmont

Coordinate: 39.46895550,-80.21295310

category: Hair Care

Cochran Cemetery


Coordinate: 39.46320770,-80.22807950

category: Cemetery

Shavers Cemetery


Coordinate: 39.46674920,-80.20790440

category: Cemetery

Lil Vegas Show Bar

3543 Freedom Hwy, Fairmont

Coordinate: 39.46221400,-80.23095550

category: Bar

Joe De Fazio Oil Co

204 Bridge Street, Monongah

Coordinate: 39.45648490,-80.20517160

category: Car Repair

Monongah, West Virginia

629 63 Mine Road, Fairmont

Coordinate: 39.44942600,-80.22151200

category: Museum

Mustang Extreme Environmental Services - Office

140 Business Park Drive, Fairmont

Coordinate: 39.44718020,-80.21181630

category: Local Government Office

Roger's Electrical Contracting Company

246 Business Park Drive, Fairmont

Coordinate: 39.44338790,-80.21158520

category: Electrician

George F Mc Elroy Auto Brokers

31 Holbert Road, Fairmont

Coordinate: 39.45549970,-80.19304830

category: Car Dealer

Swisher Hill Union Mission Church

15 Koons Run, Fairmont

Coordinate: 39.45601200,-80.24386700

category: Church

New Life Worship Center

73 Norway Road, Fairmont

Coordinate: 39.46177600,-80.18942300

category: Church

Calvary Temple

28 Calvary Lane, Fairmont

Coordinate: 39.45738830,-80.24613720

category: Church

Dream Makers LLC

4006 Freedom Highway, Fairmont

Coordinate: 39.45620840,-80.24875280

category: Lodging

Swisher Hill Apartments

4006 Freedom Hwy, Fairmont

Coordinate: 39.45620800,-80.24875300

category: Park

Swishers hill Campground

4006 Freedom HIghway, Fairmont

Coordinate: 39.45620160,-80.24881400

category: Park

New Life Ministries

Manley Chapel Road, Fairmont

Coordinate: 39.43834290,-80.21085730

category: Church

Mary Lou Retton Park


Coordinate: 39.46147710,-80.18541420

category: Park

Fix Automotive

4070 Freedom Highway, Worthington

Coordinate: 39.45551840,-80.25112260

category: Gas Station

Atv And Uty Tires

19 Helens Run Road, Worthington

Coordinate: 39.45550300,-80.25115380

category: Car Repair

Fix Automotive

4070 freedom hywy, Worthington

Coordinate: 39.45556800,-80.25117900

category: Car Repair

Worthington tire and repair

4070 freedom hywy, Worthington

Coordinate: 39.45556830,-80.25117940

category: Car Repair

Appalachian Spring Dermatology: Beth Santmyire-Rosenberger MD PhD

1812 Country Club Road, Fairmont

Coordinate: 39.47323470,-80.18671670

category: Doctor