Gilbert Creek in West Virginia, United States Places Directory

John’s church

837 Gilbert Creek Road, Gilbert

Coordinate: 37.57600110,-81.89336230

category: Church

Baisden Volunteer Fire Department


Coordinate: 37.58111790,-81.89908500

category: Fire Station

New Beginning Christian Fellowship

56 Baisden Fork Road, Baisden

Coordinate: 37.58111790,-81.89908500

category: Church

4 C’s Print Shop

959 Gilbert Creek Road, Baisden

Coordinate: 37.57014640,-81.88794430

category: Store

Floral Creations

582 Gilbert Creek Rd & Rt 13, Baisden

Coordinate: 37.58402980,-81.90473190

category: Store

Flower shop

617 Gilbert Creek Road, Gilbert

Coordinate: 37.58408250,-81.90472650

category: Restaurant

Baisden Post Office

53 Gilbert Creek Road, Gilbert

Coordinate: 37.58652250,-81.90816290

category: Post Office

Oak Log Cemetery


Coordinate: 37.56954500,-81.87207020

category: Museum

Gilbert Creek Baptist Church

Gilbert Creek Road, Baisden

Coordinate: 37.56150150,-81.87656000

category: Church

United States Postal Service

4082 Gilbert Creek Road, Baisden

Coordinate: 37.56146430,-81.87655340

category: Post Office

Roscoe’s body shop

136 Pickering Branch Road, Baisden

Coordinate: 37.56123600,-81.87431520

category: Car Repair

Chapman Cemetery


Coordinate: 37.59705950,-81.91332280

category: Cemetery

Gilbert General Store


Coordinate: 37.59703730,-81.91399780

category: Gas Station

Chapman's General Store

Gilbert Creek Road, Gilbert

Coordinate: 37.59755700,-81.91466520

category: Store

Sprattsville Freewill Baptist

Sprattsville, Gilbert

Coordinate: 37.60010920,-81.87261800

category: Church

Carter's Cabins and Rentals

38 Luxury Avenue, Gilbert

Coordinate: 37.60220690,-81.87250970

category: Lodging

Wharncliffe Church

1965 County Highway 10, Gilbert

Coordinate: 37.58388930,-81.93376730

category: Church

Jesus Name Ministries Out Reach

2206 Right Fork Bens Creek Road, Wharncliffe

Coordinate: 37.58840000,-81.93412490

category: Church

Mounts Cemetery


Coordinate: 37.60936670,-81.90957010

category: Cemetery

Missie's Restaurant


Coordinate: 37.60129130,-81.86027960

category: Restaurant

Napa Autocare Collision Center

U.S. 52, Gilbert

Coordinate: 37.61136550,-81.87959220

category: Car Repair

Devil Anse Trailhouse

48 U.S. 52, Gilbert

Coordinate: 37.61130480,-81.87925750

category: Lodging

Los Amigos

RR 52, Gilbert

Coordinate: 37.61108390,-81.87843510

category: Restaurant

Rite Aid Pharmacy

195 U.S. 52, Gilbert

Coordinate: 37.61059120,-81.87634180

category: Store

The Gilbert House at Livingood Lodging

39 U.S. 52, Gilbert

Coordinate: 37.61152020,-81.87914050

category: Lodging


292 Main Street, Gilbert

Coordinate: 37.61073490,-81.87646770

category: Store

Mingo Liquidation Mercahdise LLC

178 U.S. 52, Gilbert

Coordinate: 37.61076450,-81.87652360

category: Store

Gilbert Furniture

US 52 Main Street, Gilbert

Coordinate: 37.61083270,-81.87670170

category: Home Goods Store

Dollar General

Meade Shpg Ctr, U.S. 52, Gilbert

Coordinate: 37.60039360,-81.85846510

category: Store

Domino Printing

2413 US-52 #1 box 1570, Gilbert

Coordinate: 37.61208590,-81.88084160

category: Clothing Store

Abb's Inn

986 Main Street, Gilbert

Coordinate: 37.61142780,-81.87824970

category: Lodging

Clarice's Flower Shop

101 Fanny St # 2, #2, Gilbert

Coordinate: 37.60035730,-81.85811460

category: Store

Devil Anse Trail House, Lodging and Cabins

52 Main St Rt, Gilbert

Coordinate: 37.61179700,-81.87872310

category: Park

White's Appliance & Furniture

52 Main St, Gilbert

Coordinate: 37.61109360,-81.87581750

category: Home Goods Store


193 James Avenue, Gilbert

Coordinate: 37.61200190,-81.87864350

category: Lodging

Mingo Southern Root & Herb

266 County Highway 10/03, Wharncliffe

Coordinate: 37.55278700,-81.93354800

category: Store

Nalar Leasing Inc

104 Hollywood Road # 4, Gilbert

Coordinate: 37.61273970,-81.88057530

category: Moving Company

Rick's Auto Parts

219 Wharncliffe Avenue, Gilbert

Coordinate: 37.61120060,-81.87500450

category: Car Repair

The Apartment at Main Street Lodging

4 U.S. 52, Gilbert

Coordinate: 37.61131830,-81.87475250

category: Travel Agency

Davis Cemetery


Coordinate: 37.55915530,-81.85065870

category: Cemetery

Main Street Lodging

2504 Rt. 52, Gilbert

Coordinate: 37.61145440,-81.87419960

category: Lodging

The Cabin at Main Street Lodging

2506 Rt. 52, Gilbert

Coordinate: 37.61168810,-81.87382940

category: Lodging


704 Central Avenue, Gilbert

Coordinate: 37.61192390,-81.87380840

category: Atm


US Route 52 Main St, Gilbert

Coordinate: 37.61215880,-81.87413780

category: Bank


111 U.S. 52, Gilbert

Coordinate: 37.61217370,-81.87412320

category: Atm