Dunbar in West Virginia, United States Places Directory



Coordinate: 38.36065090,-81.73734850

category: Gas Station

Kanawha County Sch Head Start


Coordinate: 38.36065070,-81.73731660

category: School

Go Mart Inc

927 Dunbar Avenue, Dunbar

Coordinate: 38.35994580,-81.73723120

category: Gas Station


923 Dunbar Avenue, Dunbar

Coordinate: 38.35994740,-81.73698100

category: Restaurant


United States

Coordinate: 38.35989070,-81.73741700

category: Convenience Store

Taco Bell

919 Dunbar Avenue, Dunbar

Coordinate: 38.35997700,-81.73643190

category: Meal Takeaway

Able Painting Refinishing and Handyman

407 11th Street, Dunbar

Coordinate: 38.36098960,-81.73855400

category: Painter


434 12th Street, Dunbar

Coordinate: 38.36147690,-81.73825980

category: Supermarket

City National Bank

304 10th Street, Dunbar

Coordinate: 38.35939000,-81.73719100

category: Bank

10th St & Fairlawn Ave

United States

Coordinate: 38.36206000,-81.73745000

category: Transit Station


7 Fletcher Square, Dunbar

Coordinate: 38.35935210,-81.73638910

category: Store

NTB-National Tire & Battery

300 10th Street, Dunbar

Coordinate: 38.35909820,-81.73690530

category: Car Repair

Smoker Friendly's Liquor Plus

217 10th Street, Dunbar

Coordinate: 38.35905560,-81.73764940

category: Liquor Store

Dunbar Village Shopping Center

United States

Coordinate: 38.36024000,-81.73533000

category: Bus Station

Liz Underwood: Allstate Insurance

436 12th Street, Dunbar

Coordinate: 38.36220030,-81.73816850

category: Insurance Agency

Roebuck Sharon

1 Fletcher Square, Dunbar

Coordinate: 38.35895400,-81.73709940

category: Insurance Agency

WesBanco Bank

1011 Myers Avenue, Dunbar

Coordinate: 38.35900830,-81.73834250

category: Bank

WesBanco Bank - ATM

1011 Myers Avenue, Dunbar

Coordinate: 38.35900260,-81.73835380

category: Atm

JOANN Fabrics and Crafts

9 Fletcher Square, Dunbar

Coordinate: 38.35922740,-81.73588240

category: Home Goods Store

Dunbar Ave & 12th St

United States

Coordinate: 38.36051400,-81.73969330

category: Bus Station

Dunbar Furniture

328 12th Street, Dunbar

Coordinate: 38.36007120,-81.73959150

category: Home Goods Store

Coinstar Kiosk

981 Dunbar Village Plaza, Dunbar

Coordinate: 38.35870000,-81.73720000

category: Atm

Maria's Bar

1000 Grosscup Avenue, Dunbar

Coordinate: 38.35855100,-81.73759690

category: Bar

Kimbery Bell Insurance

339 12th Street #3, Dunbar

Coordinate: 38.36026090,-81.73999260

category: Insurance Agency

Coin Cloud Bitcoin ATM

1000 Grosscup Avenue, Dunbar

Coordinate: 38.35855000,-81.73759500

category: Atm

Kipper Hauling & Transport, LLC

339 12th Street #4, Dunbar

Coordinate: 38.36031060,-81.74001570

category: Moving Company


1000 Dunbar Village Plaza, Dunbar

Coordinate: 38.35861130,-81.73658480

category: Restaurant

Joy Dental Lab

304 12th Street, Dunbar

Coordinate: 38.35929400,-81.73944370

category: Dentist

In The Cut

335 12th Street, Dunbar

Coordinate: 38.36019740,-81.74000680

category: Hair Care

Walgreens Pharmacy

1101 Myers Avenue, Dunbar

Coordinate: 38.35881710,-81.73874580

category: Pharmacy


1101 Myers Avenue, Dunbar

Coordinate: 38.35881680,-81.73874640

category: Convenience Store

TLC Tire & Auto LLC

1 Carney Court, Dunbar

Coordinate: 38.36061830,-81.73460630

category: Car Repair

Walgreens Photo

1101 Myers Avenue, Dunbar

Coordinate: 38.35881040,-81.73878020

category: Electronics Store

Kroger Fuel Center

981 Dunbar Village, Dunbar

Coordinate: 38.35940250,-81.73505410

category: Gas Station

Max's Place

990 Dunbar Village Plaza, Dunbar

Coordinate: 38.35888890,-81.73555560

category: Casino

H&R Block

1020 Grosscup Avenue, Dunbar

Coordinate: 38.35848300,-81.73834430

category: Accounting

Dunbar Medical Associates

1100 Grosscup Avenue, Dunbar

Coordinate: 38.35846890,-81.73872450

category: Hospital


210 12th Street, Dunbar

Coordinate: 38.35876660,-81.73934810

category: City Hall

Dunbar Tourism Bureau

12th St &, Myers Avenue, Dunbar

Coordinate: 38.35898300,-81.73966900

category: Travel Agency

Dunbar Municipal Court Clerk

12th Street, Dunbar

Coordinate: 38.35898290,-81.73966890

category: Courthouse

Super 8 by Wyndham Dunbar/Charleston Area

911 Dunbar Avenue, Dunbar

Coordinate: 38.35957720,-81.73447180

category: Lodging

Dunbar Branch-Kanawha County Library

301 12th Street, Dunbar

Coordinate: 38.35923430,-81.74002870

category: Library

CVS Photo

121 10th Street, Dunbar

Coordinate: 38.35813710,-81.73799370

category: Electronics Store


1212 Ohio Avenue, Dunbar

Coordinate: 38.35987510,-81.74049500

category: Bar


121 10th Street, Dunbar

Coordinate: 38.35804450,-81.73816120

category: Drugstore