City of London in England, United Kingdom Places Directory

Just Eat for Business

Saint Peters House, 130 Wood Street, London

Coordinate: 51.51461370,-0.09495090

category: Meal Delivery

Gymbox Bank

71 Lombard Street, London

Coordinate: 51.51286100,-0.08756620

category: Gym


4 Royal Exchange Avenue, London

Coordinate: 51.51341900,-0.08768100

category: Jewelry Store

The Gallery

1 Royal Exchange, London

Coordinate: 51.51371400,-0.08777470

category: Art Gallery

Mayor's & City of London Court

Guildhall Buildings, London

Coordinate: 51.51544960,-0.09112560

category: Courthouse

Flawless Make up and Beauty

Lombard Street, London

Coordinate: 51.51275650,-0.08747190

category: Beauty Salon

Sainsbury's Local

10-15 Lombard Street, London

Coordinate: 51.51267680,-0.08746320

category: Supermarket


1 Cheapside, London

Coordinate: 51.51375710,-0.09594880

category: Beauty Salon

ICBC Standard Bank

20 Gresham Street, London

Coordinate: 51.51531480,-0.09358380

category: Atm


3 Cheapside, London

Coordinate: 51.51419400,-0.09564800

category: Atm

Travel and Transport

Senator House, Level Zero, 85 Queen Victoria Street, London

Coordinate: 51.51149470,-0.09574900

category: Travel Agency

London's Roman Amphitheatre

Guildhall Yard, London

Coordinate: 51.51554710,-0.09145470

category: Museum

Drewberry™ - How Financial Advice Should Be...

Senator House, 85 Queen Victoria Street, London

Coordinate: 51.51148010,-0.09580610

category: Insurance Agency

Guildhall Art Gallery

Guildhall Yard, London

Coordinate: 51.51558550,-0.09159550

category: Museum

Nuffield Health City Fitness & Wellbeing Gym

4 Cousin Lane, London

Coordinate: 51.50998670,-0.09127800

category: Spa

MXL Plumbing & Heating

125 Wood Street, London

Coordinate: 51.51477940,-0.09507560

category: Plumber

Royal Exchange Jewellers

29A Royal Exchange, Threadneedle Street, London

Coordinate: 51.51369440,-0.08752710

category: Jewelry Store

The Royal Exchange

Royal Exchange, London

Coordinate: 51.51360930,-0.08745770

category: Shopping Mall

Kaplan London Moorgate City

4 Moorgate, London

Coordinate: 51.51517560,-0.08931070

category: Accounting


Unit 21, 1 New Change, London

Coordinate: 51.51364940,-0.09622730

category: Pharmacy

S&J Compass IMC

116, 68 Lombard Street, London

Coordinate: 51.51275780,-0.08722260

category: Travel Agency

The Steel Yard Nightclub

Allhallows Lane, London

Coordinate: 51.51006800,-0.09033800

category: Night Club

Royal Mail Post Box

6 Laurence Pountney Hill, London

Coordinate: 51.51068230,-0.08866200

category: Post Office

Corporate Medicals Group

68 Lombard Street, London

Coordinate: 51.51279890,-0.08717690

category: Pharmacy

Beacon College

68 Lombard Street, London

Coordinate: 51.51283840,-0.08717730

category: University

Hawksmoor Guildhall

10 Basinghall Street, London

Coordinate: 51.51564670,-0.09093730

category: Restaurant

Dowgate Fire Station

94-95 Upper Thames Street, London

Coordinate: 51.51005290,-0.09022680

category: Fire Station


3 Royal Exchange, London

Coordinate: 51.51370930,-0.08737400

category: Jewelry Store

Solo Motorcycling Parking Bay

136 Cheapside, London

Coordinate: 51.51463870,-0.09549180

category: Parking

Bank of England Museum

Bartholomew Lane, London

Coordinate: 51.51413500,-0.08763700

category: Museum


18, One Cheapside, New Change, London

Coordinate: 51.51425440,-0.09597480

category: Clothing Store

Courtyard Cafe

Royal Exchange, London

Coordinate: 51.51360150,-0.08725060

category: Movie Theater

St. Laurence Pountney Churchyard

City of London, London

Coordinate: 51.51060710,-0.08858740

category: Cemetery

The Croupier Club Ltd

1 Change Alley, London

Coordinate: 51.51304450,-0.08707280

category: Casino

B M O Financial Group

95 Queen Victoria Street, London

Coordinate: 51.51180590,-0.09636200

category: Bank

Express Electricians Queenhithe

High Timber Street, London

Coordinate: 51.51087730,-0.09552190

category: Electrician

The Heritage Library

1 King's Arms Yard, London

Coordinate: 51.51505090,-0.08870350

category: Library


24 Cornhill, London

Coordinate: 51.51321050,-0.08707530

category: Night Club

MJ Recovery

24 Cornhill, London

Coordinate: 51.51321050,-0.08707530

category: Car Repair

Festival Gardens

Saint Paul's Churchyard, London

Coordinate: 51.51319030,-0.09661080

category: Park


New Change, London

Coordinate: 51.51399260,-0.09628130

category: Shoe Store

Danske Bank

75 King William Street, London

Coordinate: 51.51166700,-0.08730300

category: Bank


5th Floor, One New Change, London

Coordinate: 51.51383130,-0.09643780

category: Storage

Tiffany & Co.

The Courtyard, London

Coordinate: 51.51352810,-0.08707910

category: Jewelry Store

The City Of London Police Museum

2 Aldermanbury, London

Coordinate: 51.51578380,-0.09286750

category: Museum