City of London in England, United Kingdom Places Directory

London Cannon Street


Coordinate: 51.51131100,-0.09031670

category: Train Station

Ping Pong Bow Bells House

Bow Bells House, 1 Bread Street, London

Coordinate: 51.51341510,-0.09452520

category: Local Government Office

Matthews & Goodman

21 Ironmonger Lane, London

Coordinate: 51.51458700,-0.09181200

category: Real Estate Agency


108 Cheapside, London

Coordinate: 51.51420360,-0.09366140

category: Travel Agency

1 Lombard Street

1 Lombard Street, London

Coordinate: 51.51307380,-0.08896290

category: Restaurant

City Athletic Bank

6 Trump Street, London

Coordinate: 51.51448070,-0.09295060

category: Gym

Burger & Lobster Bread Street

1 Bread Street, London

Coordinate: 51.51354880,-0.09452190

category: Meal Delivery


Bow Bells House, 51 Cheapside, London

Coordinate: 51.51395960,-0.09411020

category: Bakery

J W Hooke

13 Saint Swithin's Lane, London

Coordinate: 51.51197250,-0.08918770

category: Clothing Store

St Swithins Wine Shippers

11-12 Saint Swithin's Lane, London

Coordinate: 51.51193300,-0.08920700

category: Liquor Store

FullProof Stolen Art Recovery

4 Lombard Street, London

Coordinate: 51.51287700,-0.08887140

category: Art Gallery

Bank Of Ireland Corporate Banking

Bow Bells House, 1 Bread Street, London

Coordinate: 51.51328700,-0.09472000

category: Atm

Whittington Gardens


Coordinate: 51.51091400,-0.09216600

category: Park

Abbiss Cadres LLP

11 Ironmonger Lane, London

Coordinate: 51.51468670,-0.09150710

category: Accounting

Hamilton Partners (UK) Ltd

111 Cannon Street, London

Coordinate: 51.51158580,-0.08944510

category: Jewelry Store


Princes Street, London

Coordinate: 51.51338800,-0.08891450

category: Subway Station

Square Mile Fitness

Trump Street, London

Coordinate: 51.51451590,-0.09323080

category: Gym

Cannon Street

Cannon Street, London

Coordinate: 51.51108090,-0.09035030

category: Transit Station

Kookmin Bank London Branch

6F, Princes Court, 7 Princes Street, London

Coordinate: 51.51416690,-0.08960310

category: Atm

Travelodge London Central Bank

19-23 Saint Swithin's Lane, London

Coordinate: 51.51189420,-0.08900750

category: Local Government Office

DB Golf Academy London

18 Saint Swithin's Lane, London

Coordinate: 51.51173580,-0.08913950

category: School

State Bank of India

15-17 King Street, London

Coordinate: 51.51478340,-0.09206880

category: Bank

Bank Station / Princes Street (Stop B)

United Kingdom

Coordinate: 51.51394070,-0.08920310

category: Bus Station


Dowgate Hill House, 14-16 Dowgate Hill, London

Coordinate: 51.51079460,-0.09151240

category: Beauty Salon

Shirtstream Drycleaners

8 Bread Street, London

Coordinate: 51.51344270,-0.09488760

category: Laundry

PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk, London Branch

30 King Street, London

Coordinate: 51.51479800,-0.09228430

category: Atm


80 Cannon Street, Greater, London

Coordinate: 51.51135820,-0.08952520

category: Pharmacy

Gordon Ramsay Street Pizza - St Paul's

Ground Floor, 10 Bread Street, London

Coordinate: 51.51333820,-0.09501830

category: Meal Delivery

Appleton Richardson

14-16 Dowgate Hill, London

Coordinate: 51.51074240,-0.09157670

category: Accounting

I K B Deutsche Industriebank

80 Cannon Street, London

Coordinate: 51.51123660,-0.08965050

category: Bank

Pizza Express

8 Russia Row, London

Coordinate: 51.51445500,-0.09383000

category: Meal Takeaway

Solo Motorcycles Only

Little College Lane, London

Coordinate: 51.51071080,-0.09162190

category: Parking

The Argyll Club - 1 Cornhill, The City

1 Cornhill, London

Coordinate: 51.51324900,-0.08856940

category: Real Estate Agency

Bespoke Cycling

30 Gresham Street, London

Coordinate: 51.51472450,-0.09310470

category: Bicycle Store

Rock Port Presentations

48 Gresham Street, London

Coordinate: 51.51487740,-0.09169060

category: Electronics Store

Elborne Mitchell LLP

60 Gresham Street, London

Coordinate: 51.51485510,-0.09102990

category: Lawyer

Bank DLR

United Kingdom

Coordinate: 51.51323300,-0.08848900

category: Light Rail Station


45 Cheapside, London

Coordinate: 51.51407090,-0.09463000

category: Clothing Store

Mercedes Recovery Cannon Street

Dowgate Hill, London

Coordinate: 51.51068250,-0.09107240

category: Car Repair

Coco di Mama Delivery Kitchen

Unit SU46, One New Change, London

Coordinate: 51.51368560,-0.09501020

category: Meal Delivery

The Vintry, EC4

Off Abchurch Yard, Abchurch Lane, London

Coordinate: 51.51187000,-0.08868240

category: Local Government Office

The Anthologist

58 Gresham Street, London

Coordinate: 51.51487730,-0.09082300

category: Restaurant


86 Cannon Street, London

Coordinate: 51.51133820,-0.08921070

category: Cafe

Bread Street Kitchen

10 New Change, Bread Street, London

Coordinate: 51.51338200,-0.09525500

category: Restaurant


United Kingdom

Coordinate: 51.51316190,-0.08833800

category: Transit Station