Blennerhassett in West Virginia, United States Places Directory

Archer's Plumbing Heating & Cooling

184 Ivan Street, Washington

Coordinate: 39.25864920,-81.62622070

category: Plumber

Traditional Painters

88 Judy Street, Washington

Coordinate: 39.25975310,-81.63467190

category: Painter

Blennerhassett Volunteer Fire Department Inc

5711 Dupont Road, Parkersburg

Coordinate: 39.25985970,-81.62339620

category: Fire Station

Richards Cemetery


Coordinate: 39.26451960,-81.63790550

category: Cemetery

Blennerhassett Island Historical State Park

137 Juliana Street, Parkersburg

Coordinate: 39.27215860,-81.63215690

category: Tourist Attraction

Goffs Grounds

5552 Dupont Road, Parkersburg

Coordinate: 39.25724290,-81.61874560

category: Rv Park

Blennerhassett Middle School

444 Jewell Road, Parkersburg

Coordinate: 39.25935960,-81.61664790

category: Secondary School

Blennerhassett Middle School Theater

444 Jewell Road, Parkersburg

Coordinate: 39.25906810,-81.61651830

category: School

Blennerhassett Elementary School

448 Jewell Road, Parkersburg

Coordinate: 39.25976180,-81.61576080

category: Primary School

Shoreline Private Campground

2844 Beach Drive, Belpre

Coordinate: 39.27543750,-81.62520670

category: Park

Bethel Baptist Church

15 Bethel Road, Parkersburg

Coordinate: 39.25116600,-81.62398900

category: Church

Grogg's Home Services

5349 Dupont Road, Parkersburg

Coordinate: 39.25464790,-81.61674310

category: Plumber

Premier Cruises and Vacations featuring Honeymoons by Jewels

Greenland Addition, Washington

Coordinate: 39.25036800,-81.62867800

category: Travel Agency

Maddox Cemetery


Coordinate: 39.26013470,-81.61250380

category: Cemetery

Wolfe Camper Sales

974 Lake Washington Road, Washington

Coordinate: 39.25165890,-81.63727770

category: Car Dealer

Kraton Polymers Employee Park


Coordinate: 39.27714860,-81.63226160

category: Park

Blennerhassett RV Park

2800 Beach Drive, Belpre

Coordinate: 39.27618560,-81.62108210

category: Rv Park

River Hill Cemetery


Coordinate: 39.26342500,-81.60941550

category: Cemetery

Fairlawn Baptist Church

215 Fairlawn Drive, Parkersburg

Coordinate: 39.25365800,-81.61314000

category: School

Kraton Polymers Llc

2419 Ohio 618, Belpre

Coordinate: 39.27941440,-81.63362600

category: Local Government Office

Farmer's Castle Historic Marker

Washington Boulevard, Belpre

Coordinate: 39.27975770,-81.62504190

category: Museum

Dow Chemical Co

2982 Ohio 618, Belpre

Coordinate: 39.27969310,-81.62322180

category: Local Government Office

Smith Truck Services Inc

2901 Washington Boulevard, Belpre

Coordinate: 39.27944000,-81.62141310

category: Moving Company

Blennerhassett Island Bridge

West Virginia 892, Parkersburg

Coordinate: 39.27393680,-81.64679850

category: Local Government Office

DaVita Belpre Dialysis

2906 Washington Boulevard, Belpre

Coordinate: 39.27991700,-81.62170600

category: Hospital

Bulkmatic Transport Co

222 Drag Strip Road, Belpre

Coordinate: 39.28092170,-81.63101740

category: Moving Company

Arrow Material Services


Coordinate: 39.28111870,-81.63095300

category: Moving Company


670 Harris Highway, Parkersburg

Coordinate: 39.24732420,-81.62074750

category: Car Dealer


700 Harris Highway, Parkersburg

Coordinate: 39.24705160,-81.62148340

category: Convenience Store


700 Harris Highway, Parkersburg

Coordinate: 39.24705160,-81.62148340

category: Convenience Store

Cozy Car Wash, LLC

634 Harris Highway, Parkersburg

Coordinate: 39.24740300,-81.62024800

category: Car Wash

Country Kitchen

606 Harris Highway, Parkersburg

Coordinate: 39.24754540,-81.61964730

category: Restaurant

Horace Mann Insurance Co

2904 Washington Boulevard, Belpre

Coordinate: 39.28045100,-81.62141690

category: Insurance Agency

Heritage Plumbing & Contracting

588 Harris Highway, Parkersburg

Coordinate: 39.24757370,-81.61911230

category: Plumber

The Neale House

Blennerhassett Island

Coordinate: 39.27283710,-81.60885360

category: Tourist Attraction

222 Pointe West Byway

222 Pointe West Byway, Parkersburg

Coordinate: 39.26440790,-81.60540380

category: Lodging

Direct Delivery, Inc

2709 Washington Boulevard, Belpre

Coordinate: 39.27936880,-81.61622950

category: Moving Company

Bocks shop

607 Philip Street, Belpre

Coordinate: 39.27838270,-81.61434820

category: Real Estate Agency

Rockland Cemetery


Coordinate: 39.28157130,-81.62080460

category: Cemetery

YRC Freight

302 Drag Strip Road, Belpre

Coordinate: 39.28266260,-81.63206150

category: Moving Company

Whitten Auto Sales

55X RR 4, Parkersburg

Coordinate: 39.24707820,-81.61706840

category: Car Dealer

Rockland Auto Repairs

2607 Washington Boulevard, Belpre

Coordinate: 39.27945090,-81.61477080

category: Car Repair

Creek Side

West Virginia 68, Parkersburg

Coordinate: 39.24484370,-81.62238030

category: Transit Station

Leavitt Funeral Services and Crematory

801 Victor Street, Belpre

Coordinate: 39.28153500,-81.61862100

category: Funeral Home

Pro Tech Auto Sales

2957 Dupont Road, Parkersburg

Coordinate: 39.25112740,-81.60869610

category: Car Dealer