Bethany in West Virginia, United States Places Directory

Historic Bethany

United States

Coordinate: 40.20562700,-80.55673840

category: Tourist Attraction



Coordinate: 40.20564160,-80.55674760

category: Local Government Office

Chambers General Store

202 Main Street, Bethany

Coordinate: 40.20582740,-80.55665400

category: Convenience Store


200 Main Street, Bethany

Coordinate: 40.20559180,-80.55626880

category: Atm

Cardtronics ATM

109 Main Street, West Liberty

Coordinate: 40.20591100,-80.55537920

category: Atm

United States Postal Service

1 Ross Street, Bethany

Coordinate: 40.20685950,-80.55675190

category: Post Office

Bethany Memorial Christian Ch

Main Street, Bethany

Coordinate: 40.20480610,-80.55810160

category: Church

Old Bethany Church

6778 Bethany Pike, Bethany

Coordinate: 40.20479370,-80.55812740

category: Church


199 Richardson Street, Bethany

Coordinate: 40.20426680,-80.55680440

category: Lodging

Bethany College

31 South Loop Campus Drive, Bethany

Coordinate: 40.20605500,-80.55983400

category: University

Bethany College Bookstore

Morlan Hall, 31 Campus Drive, Bethany

Coordinate: 40.20605500,-80.55983400

category: Store

T W Phillips Memorial Library

300 Main Street, Bethany

Coordinate: 40.20427220,-80.56135530

category: Library

Coal Bowl


Coordinate: 40.20609640,-80.56239060

category: Parking

Bethany Park


Coordinate: 40.20212020,-80.55297010

category: Stadium

Bison Field

67 West Virginia 88, Bethany

Coordinate: 40.20364980,-80.56463260

category: Stadium

Disciples of Christ Historical Society

7229 Main Street, Bethany

Coordinate: 40.20766310,-80.54854340

category: Museum

Bethany Community Cemetery


Coordinate: 40.20534420,-80.54772970

category: Cemetery

Cambell Mansion

7295 Bethany Pike, Bethany

Coordinate: 40.20758300,-80.54794200

category: Museum

Hoag Field


Coordinate: 40.20228440,-80.56515410

category: Stadium

Bison Stadium


Coordinate: 40.20379070,-80.56611710

category: Stadium

God's Acre Cemetery


Coordinate: 40.20538300,-80.54663360

category: Cemetery

WVNP-FM Wheeling


Coordinate: 40.21618240,-80.55840510

category: Local Government Office

Bethany Volunteer Fire Department

w 26032, 11 West Virginia 88, Bethany

Coordinate: 40.19958800,-80.57353730

category: Fire Station

Castleman Run Church

1988 Castlemans Run Road, Bethany

Coordinate: 40.18495830,-80.54538590

category: Church

Thurman Speece

1242 Lazear Run Road, Wellsburg

Coordinate: 40.19325790,-80.59343720

category: Cafe

Stone Chapel Church


Coordinate: 40.23979310,-80.56229420

category: Church


509 Apple Pie Ridge, Wheeling

Coordinate: 40.17627000,-80.59655490

category: Real Estate Agency

Lower Buffalo Cemetery


Coordinate: 40.24347170,-80.52908580

category: Cemetery

Family Dollar

1521 Van Meter Way, West Liberty

Coordinate: 40.16888550,-80.58704930

category: Supermarket

West Liberty Volunteer Fire

1333 Van Meter Way, West Liberty

Coordinate: 40.16853830,-80.59078960

category: Fire Station

Liberty Tavern LLC

1056 Van Meter Way, West Liberty

Coordinate: 40.16939900,-80.59370190

category: Bar

West Liberty Town Office

126 Main St, West Liberty

Coordinate: 40.16883740,-80.59302390

category: Local Government Office

West Liberty Town Park

1119 Van Meter Way, West Liberty

Coordinate: 40.16860350,-80.59312120

category: Park

West Liberty Cemetery

1154 Van Meter Way, West Liberty

Coordinate: 40.16740650,-80.59357280

category: Cemetery

The Cross


Coordinate: 40.25167670,-80.54095570

category: Park

Mc Kinleyville Church-Christ

Scott Lane, Wellsburg

Coordinate: 40.24374930,-80.59409000

category: Church

Castleman Run Wildlife Management Area

Valley Grove

Coordinate: 40.16129030,-80.53342700

category: Tourist Attraction

West Liberty Elementary School

745 Van Meter Way, West Liberty

Coordinate: 40.16982900,-80.59830400

category: School

CJ’s Towing & Repair

44 Finch ln, Wellsburg

Coordinate: 40.24527650,-80.59232070

category: Car Repair


237 CHERRY DRIVE, Wellsburg

Coordinate: 40.24517570,-80.59344250

category: Fire Station

West Liberty Christian Church

201 Chatom St, West Liberty

Coordinate: 40.16902500,-80.59889090

category: Church

Rush Trucking

431 Brashears Run Road, Avella

Coordinate: 40.23988490,-80.50965850

category: Moving Company

Kovalick Field

105 Eastview Drive, West Liberty

Coordinate: 40.16574900,-80.59770980

category: Stadium

West Liberty Methodist Presbyterian Church

557 Van Meter Way, Wheeling

Coordinate: 40.16762500,-80.60089570

category: Church

West Family Athletic Complex

406 Pineview Drive, West Liberty

Coordinate: 40.16475470,-80.59663880

category: Stadium