Shawnee Baptist Church Beckley Rd, Princeton, WV 24740, USA

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Beckley Rd, Princeton, WV 24740, USA
Shawnee Baptist Church's phone number is : (304) 431-9943
Latitude: 37.39910790
Longitude: -81.13901270

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Shawnee Baptist Church

Beckley Road, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.39910790,-81.13901270

category: Church

distance: 0.00 km.

KC Tire and Auto Care Center

3903 Beckley Road, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.39985700,-81.13956390

category: Car Repair

distance: 0.10 km.

Dr. Krystin Austin

3997 Beckley Road, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.40118200,-81.14070300

category: Dentist

distance: 0.27 km.

Dr. William C. Bird, MD

3997 Beckley Road, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.40118200,-81.14070300

category: Doctor

distance: 0.27 km.

Cook Heather M

3997 Beckley Road, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.40118200,-81.14070300

category: Doctor

distance: 0.27 km.


4037 Beckley Road, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.40177000,-81.14040000

category: Gas Station

distance: 0.32 km.

Little General

4037 Beckley Road, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.40188400,-81.14046280

category: Gas Station

distance: 0.33 km.

Kegley Baptist Church

693 Kegley School Road, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.39507150,-81.14343800

category: Church

distance: 0.60 km.

Kegley Barber Shop

3305 Beckley Road, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.39582440,-81.13348380

category: Hair Care

distance: 0.61 km.


3377 Beckley Road, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.39691800,-81.13263490

category: Gas Station

distance: 0.61 km.


3377 Beckley Road, Kegley

Coordinate: 37.39681210,-81.13240780

category: Gas Station

distance: 0.64 km.

United States Postal Service

3376 Beckley Road, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.39676010,-81.13211420

category: Post Office

distance: 0.66 km.

ATM (Prima Marketing LLC)

4037 Beckley Road, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.39784860,-81.13152930

category: Atm

distance: 0.68 km.

Clay Memorial Park and Cemetery


Coordinate: 37.40404300,-81.14425900

category: Cemetery

distance: 0.72 km.

Lake Shawnee Abandoned Amusement Park

470 Matoaka Road, Rock

Coordinate: 37.40547690,-81.14381710

category: Tourist Attraction

distance: 0.83 km.

Ross Cemetery


Coordinate: 37.39128480,-81.13219580

category: Cemetery

distance: 1.06 km.

Shawnee valley inc.

Rich Creek Road, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.40960120,-81.14061000

category: Lodging

distance: 1.18 km.

Shawnee park

110 Little Sparrow Street, Duhring

Coordinate: 37.40961990,-81.14064590

category: Lodging

distance: 1.18 km.

Sunoco Gas Station

1049 Matoaka Road, Rock

Coordinate: 37.40569010,-81.15002100

category: Gas Station

distance: 1.22 km.

C&j grocery

Lake Shawnee, Duhring

Coordinate: 37.40568810,-81.15018240

category: Gas Station

distance: 1.23 km.

Calvary Baptist Church


Coordinate: 37.40395800,-81.15223500

category: Church

distance: 1.29 km.

Bill Bridges truck parts

772 Hollyhill Road, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.38846520,-81.12867980

category: Car Repair

distance: 1.49 km.

LibertyX Bitcoin ATM

1049 Matoaka Road, Rock

Coordinate: 37.40437570,-81.15461450

category: Atm

distance: 1.50 km.

Word of Truth

1210 Cabin Branch Road, Rock

Coordinate: 37.40669340,-81.15384130

category: Church

distance: 1.56 km.

A Piece of Cake

1117 Matoaka Road, Rock

Coordinate: 37.40428590,-81.15567460

category: Bakery

distance: 1.58 km.

Joe's Automatic Transmission

Lake Shawnee Rd, Rock

Coordinate: 37.40418350,-81.15630720

category: Car Repair

distance: 1.63 km.

Calfee Ralph D

1436 Cabin Branch Road, Rock

Coordinate: 37.40430630,-81.15785110

category: Lawyer

distance: 1.76 km.

Fairview Christian Community Church

120 Black Oak Road, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.38443700,-81.12264200

category: Church

distance: 2.18 km.

Dollar General

1231 Beckley Road, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.38294730,-81.12154680

category: Home Goods Store

distance: 2.37 km.

Mercer Medical Group

303 Willeva Rd, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.37717600,-81.15970290

category: Doctor

distance: 3.05 km.

Bible Way Church

100 Lower Bell Avenue, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.37591370,-81.11535630

category: Church

distance: 3.32 km.

Greenberg Jeffrey MD

114 Undercliff Terrace, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.36840760,-81.13440930

category: Doctor

distance: 3.44 km.

Greg's Carpet Installation

2559 Black Oak Road, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.37208400,-81.15883700

category: Furniture Store

distance: 3.48 km.

Mercer County MLS

276 Cardinal Avenue, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.37044600,-81.12165800

category: Real Estate Agency

distance: 3.54 km.

Rattlesnake Ridge

175 Rattlesnake Ridge Rd, Rock

Coordinate: 37.40259300,-81.17902060

category: Lodging

distance: 3.56 km.

Village Store

1016 Low Gap Road, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.38215600,-81.10435250

category: Gas Station

distance: 3.60 km.


200 Joe Adams Avenue, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.37308410,-81.11322670

category: Gym

distance: 3.68 km.


305 Beckley Road, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.37318720,-81.11264740

category: Car Repair

distance: 3.71 km.

Higher Ground Church


Coordinate: 37.37229150,-81.11342750

category: Church

distance: 3.74 km.

Tire City Upcycle Llc

Booker Street, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.37290840,-81.11182560

category: Car Repair

distance: 3.78 km.

Bowers Plumbing

100 White Oak Valley, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.38317580,-81.10077520

category: Plumber

distance: 3.81 km.

Southwynd Rental Properties

444 Ironwood Gate Drive, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.36487600,-81.13315980

category: Real Estate Agency

distance: 3.84 km.

Princeton Pediatrics PC

143 Undercliff Terrace, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.36672600,-81.12291090

category: Hospital

distance: 3.87 km.

Medical Rehabilitation Associates

160 Undercliff Terrace, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.36641620,-81.12321860

category: Physiotherapist

distance: 3.89 km.

Death by Crossfit

295 Beckley Road, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.37112090,-81.11102190

category: Gym

distance: 3.97 km.

Peggy’s Hair Clinic

601 Church Ln, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.37550400,-81.10511590

category: Hair Care

distance: 3.98 km.

Calvary Chapel

114 Gott Road, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.36758560,-81.11725590

category: Church

distance: 4.00 km.