Bowmans Sculpture International Office B, Apartment 5, King’s Wharf, Quay, 27 Queensway Rd, Gibraltar GX11 1AA, Gibraltar

Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

Office B, Apartment 5, King’s Wharf, Quay, 27 Queensway Rd, Gibraltar GX11 1AA, Gibraltar
Bowmans Sculpture International's phone number is : 083 299 6567
Latitude: 36.13546410
Longitude: -5.35447020

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Bowmans Sculpture International

Office B, Apartment 5, King’s Wharf, Quay, 27 Queensway Road

Coordinate: 36.13546410,-5.35447020

category: Museum

distance: 0.00 km.

Queensway (Queensway Quay Marina)


Coordinate: 36.13559100,-5.35441500

category: Transit Station

distance: 0.01 km.

Queensway (Queensway Quay Marina, North Bound)


Coordinate: 36.13565400,-5.35432100

category: Transit Station

distance: 0.03 km.

Prodomestics Gibraltar

Unit 2, Ragged Staff Wharf Queensway Quay Gibraltar

Coordinate: 36.13577420,-5.35474910

category: Plumber

distance: 0.04 km.

Enterprise Insurance Company Plc

6A Queensway Road

Coordinate: 36.13587320,-5.35476220

category: Insurance Agency

distance: 0.05 km.

Queensway Quay Launderette

Unit 3, Ragged Staff Wharf, Queensway Quay

Coordinate: 36.13588350,-5.35488450

category: Laundry

distance: 0.06 km.


Unit 16, Ragged Staff, Queensway Quay Marina

Coordinate: 36.13492700,-5.35449800

category: Electrician

distance: 0.06 km.


Cormorant Wharf, Gibraltar

Coordinate: 36.13587100,-5.35496830

category: Laundry

distance: 0.06 km.


3 Convent Ramp

Coordinate: 36.13585200,-5.35368860

category: Secondary School

distance: 0.08 km.

Public Car Park

1 Queensway Road, Gibraltar

Coordinate: 36.13648860,-5.35456390

category: Parking

distance: 0.11 km.

Gibraltar International Bank

327, 329 Main Street

Coordinate: 36.13538440,-5.35319940

category: Bank

distance: 0.11 km.

The Light and Power Shop

325a Main Street

Coordinate: 36.13574360,-5.35296540

category: Furniture Store

distance: 0.14 km.

St. Jago's Arch

Trafalgar Road, Gibraltar

Coordinate: 36.13496710,-5.35275650

category: Tourist Attraction

distance: 0.16 km.

Gibraltar Car Parks Limited

4JMW+JH8, Gibraltar

Coordinate: 36.13403540,-5.35356180

category: Parking

distance: 0.18 km.

Gibraltar College of Further Education Library


Coordinate: 36.13415210,-5.35331380

category: University

distance: 0.18 km.

Trafalgar Cemetery

4JMW+WW9, Gibraltar

Coordinate: 36.13477520,-5.35264180

category: Cemetery

distance: 0.18 km.

Gibraltar Methodist Church

297 Main St Gibraltar, Gibraltar

Coordinate: 36.13672890,-5.35304370

category: Church

distance: 0.19 km.

Lovers B.O

Wellington Front

Coordinate: 36.13722710,-5.35464250

category: Night Club

distance: 0.20 km.

Davies Bookkeeping & Accounts - Sage & Xero

5 Dexterous House, Ordnance Wharf, Queensway Quay, Gibraltar

Coordinate: 36.13368600,-5.35518330

category: Accounting

distance: 0.21 km.

Alfaship Gibraltar

Unit 20-21 Ragged Staff Wharf Queensway Quay Marina Gibraltar

Coordinate: 36.13370540,-5.35578180

category: Travel Agency

distance: 0.23 km.

Queensway (Commonwealth Park, North Bound)


Coordinate: 36.13748800,-5.35515400

category: Transit Station

distance: 0.23 km.

Strawberry Laser Lipo

3 Secretary's Lane

Coordinate: 36.13770410,-5.35416590

category: School

distance: 0.25 km.

Consulate of Italy

5 Convent Place

Coordinate: 36.13739780,-5.35296070

category: Embassy

distance: 0.25 km.

Boyd Street Terminus (Cable Car)


Coordinate: 36.13438300,-5.35188900

category: Transit Station

distance: 0.26 km.


Town Range

Coordinate: 36.13737600,-5.35256470

category: Real Estate Agency

distance: 0.27 km.

Magistrates' Court

Main Street

Coordinate: 36.13774150,-5.35297440

category: Courthouse

distance: 0.29 km.

Sycamore Properties

271b Main Street

Coordinate: 36.13794040,-5.35336280

category: Real Estate Agency

distance: 0.29 km.

Man and Van Gibraltar

46, 6 Flat Bastion Road

Coordinate: 36.13508870,-5.35105760

category: Moving Company

distance: 0.31 km.

Taxi Rank

268 Main Street

Coordinate: 36.13823920,-5.35359100

category: Taxi Stand

distance: 0.32 km.

Town Range Dental Practice

15D, 1 Town Range

Coordinate: 36.13790830,-5.35246010

category: Dentist

distance: 0.33 km.

Aphrodite Beauty Gibraltar

262 Main Street

Coordinate: 36.13841690,-5.35368770

category: Spa

distance: 0.34 km.

Magazine Studio Theatre

5 Gardiner's Road

Coordinate: 36.13455020,-5.35088150

category: University

distance: 0.34 km.

cable Car parking lot

1 Red Sands Road, Gibraltar

Coordinate: 36.13322980,-5.35186400

category: Parking

distance: 0.34 km.

Costa Coffee

250-252 Main Street

Coordinate: 36.13851160,-5.35364560

category: Cafe

distance: 0.35 km.

The Physio Clinic

252 Main Street

Coordinate: 36.13853320,-5.35364960

category: Physiotherapist

distance: 0.35 km.

GibMedia LTD

19 George's Lane

Coordinate: 36.13840540,-5.35298170

category: Electronics Store

distance: 0.35 km.

Rock Removals

Gardiners Views

Coordinate: 36.13383010,-5.35103760

category: Moving Company

distance: 0.36 km.

Icon Business Systems Ltd

6, 8 Town Range

Coordinate: 36.13831620,-5.35261280

category: Electronics Store

distance: 0.36 km.

Bristol Hotel

8, 10 Cathedral Square

Coordinate: 36.13870120,-5.35417460

category: Lodging

distance: 0.36 km.


13 Town Range

Coordinate: 36.13835560,-5.35251170

category: Secondary School

distance: 0.37 km.

Queensway (Commonwealth Park)


Coordinate: 36.13861700,-5.35581900

category: Transit Station

distance: 0.37 km.

Tommy Hilfiger

237 Main Street

Coordinate: 36.13875100,-5.35357140

category: Clothing Store

distance: 0.37 km.

Bethel Christian Fellowship

Queensway Road

Coordinate: 36.13872850,-5.35581580

category: Church

distance: 0.38 km.

The Gibraltar National Museum

18, 20 Bomb House Lane

Coordinate: 36.13898900,-5.35434740

category: Museum

distance: 0.39 km.

BidToro Aution on line

235 Main Street

Coordinate: 36.13891810,-5.35357750

category: Shopping Mall

distance: 0.39 km.


227-229 Main Street

Coordinate: 36.13898590,-5.35358630

category: Clothing Store

distance: 0.40 km.