Bowers Plumbing 100 White Oak Valley, Princeton, WV 24740-2880, USA

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100 White Oak Valley, Princeton, WV 24740-2880, USA
Bowers Plumbing's phone number is : (304) 431-3977
Latitude: 37.38317580
Longitude: -81.10077520

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Bowers Plumbing

100 White Oak Valley, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.38317580,-81.10077520

category: Plumber

distance: 0.00 km.

Village Store

1016 Low Gap Road, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.38215600,-81.10435250

category: Gas Station

distance: 0.34 km.

Grace Temple Fellowship Hall


Coordinate: 37.38164080,-81.09610980

category: Church

distance: 0.45 km.

Grace Temple

410 Bowling Street, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.38105930,-81.09622770

category: Church

distance: 0.47 km.

Silver Springs Early Learning

751 Cove Street, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.38036150,-81.09620120

category: School

distance: 0.51 km.

Princeton gymnastics and dance

997 Lilly Street, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.37806200,-81.10093000

category: Gym

distance: 0.57 km.

Lilly Grove Baptist Church

1012 Oakwood Avenue, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.38660900,-81.09523900

category: Church

distance: 0.62 km.


821 Broadway Street, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.37888230,-81.09545560

category: School

distance: 0.67 km.

Mane Headlines

411 Gayle Street, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.38392760,-81.09312110

category: Beauty Salon

distance: 0.68 km.

Silver Springs Baptist Church


Coordinate: 37.37900710,-81.09175810

category: Church

distance: 0.92 km.

Peggy’s Hair Clinic

601 Church Ln, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.37550400,-81.10511590

category: Hair Care

distance: 0.94 km.

Country Roads MHP

800 Washington Avenue, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.37720180,-81.09289770

category: Rv Park

distance: 0.96 km.


was, 197 Amble Way, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.38118090,-81.08914880

category: Cafe

distance: 1.05 km.

A & A Preowned Autos

201 Thornton Avenue, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.37662980,-81.09162240

category: Car Dealer

distance: 1.09 km.

Pick a book (Stationary & Gift Shop)

E Shop, Bahria Shopping Gallery, Precinct 2, Bahria Town Super Highway Karachi, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.37683090,-81.09045750

category: Shopping Mall

distance: 1.15 km.

Earl E. Muse Memorial Park


Coordinate: 37.37369480,-81.10622880

category: Park

distance: 1.16 km.

Eskew Enterprise

412 North 4th Street, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.37484200,-81.08987100

category: Car Repair

distance: 1.34 km.

D&C Handyman Services

909 Highland Avenue, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.37130330,-81.09592320

category: Plumber

distance: 1.39 km.

Mount Calvary Baptist Church

111 High Street, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.37153420,-81.10665640

category: Church

distance: 1.39 km.

Total Deliverance Ministries

106 High Street, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.37112810,-81.10568290

category: Church

distance: 1.41 km.

Recycle WV

951 Virginian Industrial Park Road, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.37781140,-81.08530420

category: Car Repair

distance: 1.49 km.

Family Ministries Center


Coordinate: 37.36994720,-81.09760180

category: Church

distance: 1.50 km.

Tire City Upcycle Llc

Booker Street, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.37290840,-81.11182560

category: Car Repair

distance: 1.50 km.

Straley Elementary School

810 Straley Avenue, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.37049240,-81.09443980

category: School

distance: 1.52 km.

Thomas G. Himes, Certified Public Accountant

106 Park Avenue, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.36996410,-81.09641530

category: Accounting

distance: 1.52 km.

Hollifield Jeffery S CPA

106 Park Avenue, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.36996410,-81.09641530

category: Accounting

distance: 1.52 km.

Bible Way Church

100 Lower Bell Avenue, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.37591370,-81.11535630

category: Church

distance: 1.52 km.

Amy Williams Sabika Consultant

101 Hale Avenue, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.36967890,-81.09789470

category: Jewelry Store

distance: 1.52 km.


305 Beckley Road, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.37318720,-81.11264740

category: Car Repair

distance: 1.53 km.

First United Methodist Church, Princeton, WV

100 Center Street, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.36978200,-81.09687900

category: Church

distance: 1.53 km.

Robert E Fisher, CPA, AC

908 Mercer Street, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.36984730,-81.09573050

category: Accounting

distance: 1.55 km.

Princeton Public Library

920 Mercer Street, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.36964560,-81.09618820

category: Library

distance: 1.56 km.

First Christian Church

805 Straley Avenue, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.37031210,-81.09363670

category: Church

distance: 1.56 km.


200 Joe Adams Avenue, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.37308410,-81.11322670

category: Gym

distance: 1.57 km.

Appalachian Coffee House

860 Mercer Street, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.36977900,-81.09493170

category: Cafe

distance: 1.58 km.

Bucha Brewhouse & Bistro

957 Mercer Street, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.36933130,-81.09640500

category: Restaurant

distance: 1.59 km.

Tony's Barber Shop

949 Mercer Street, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.36935060,-81.09625540

category: Hair Care

distance: 1.59 km.

Dick Copeland Town Square

858 Mercer Street, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.36977820,-81.09442560

category: Park

distance: 1.59 km.

United States Postal Service

1000 Mercer Street, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.36902770,-81.09799370

category: Post Office

distance: 1.59 km.

Simply Beautiful Hair & Nail Salon

852 Mercer Street, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.36965180,-81.09478470

category: Beauty Salon

distance: 1.59 km.

Bobby Jo's Arts Crafts Antiques


Coordinate: 37.36940850,-81.09568760

category: Home Goods Store

distance: 1.60 km.

Princeton Middle School

300 North Johnston Street, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.36887440,-81.10268850

category: Secondary School

distance: 1.60 km.

The Hatter's Bookshop

929 Mercer Street, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.36929730,-81.09586220

category: Book Store

distance: 1.60 km.

Myra's Flower Shop

907 Mercer Street, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.36941320,-81.09519190

category: Florist

distance: 1.61 km.

Danny's Bar

911 Mercer Street, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.36936670,-81.09536030

category: Night Club

distance: 1.61 km.

New River Community and Technical College (Mercer County Campus)

1001 Mercer Street, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.36902540,-81.09661190

category: University

distance: 1.62 km.

Stages Music School

855 Mercer Street, Princeton

Coordinate: 37.36949160,-81.09460150

category: Home Goods Store

distance: 1.62 km.