Yuzhong County

Yuzhong County
Landscape near Jinya
Landscape near Jinya
Location of Yuzhong County (red) in Lanzhou City (yellow) and Gansu
Location of Yuzhong County (red) in Lanzhou City (yellow) and Gansu
Yongdeng is located in Gansu
Location of the seat in Gansu
Coordinates: 35°50′35″N 104°06′47″E / 35.843°N 104.113°E / 35.843; 104.113Coordinates: 35°50′35″N 104°06′47″E / 35.843°N 104.113°E / 35.843; 104.113
CountryPeople's Republic of China
Prefecture-level cityLanzhou
 • County3,301.64 km2 (1,274.77 sq mi)
Highest elevation
3,670 m (12,040 ft)
Lowest elevation
1,480 m (4,860 ft)
 • County560,000
 • Density170/km2 (440/sq mi)
 • Urban
Time zoneUTC+8 (China Standard)
Postal code

Yuzhong County (Chinese: 榆中县) is a county of Gansu Province, China, it is under the administration of the prefecture-level city of Lanzhou, the capital of Gansu, one of 58 counties of Gansu. Its postal code is 730100, and its population in 2019 was 560,000 people.[1]


The history of Yuzhong County goes back to 214 BC.[1] During the Jin Dynasty Yuzhong was a center of the Jincheng district located in the Yuzhong county (xian) in the Gansu province.[2] Up to 1917 it was known as Jin County or Jinxian.[1] Yuzhong has always had importance as the eastern gateway to Lanzhou. The historic Mingsu tomb (zh:明肃王墓) is located in Yuzhong.[3]


The geography of Yuzhong is divided into the densely populated central valley of the Wanchuan River, flanked by forested mountains in the southwest, and arid mountains in the northeast.


Ethnic minorities form just 1% of the counties population, most of them are Hui.[4]

Administrative divisions

Yuzhong County is divided to 11 towns and 9 townships.[5]

  • Chengguan (城关镇)
  • Xiaguanying (夏官营镇)
  • Gaoya (高崖镇)
  • Jinya (金崖镇)
  • Heping (和平镇)
  • Gancaodian (甘草店镇)
  • Qingcheng (青城镇)
  • Dingyuan (定远镇)
  • Lianda(连搭镇)
  • Xinying(新营镇)
  • Gongjing(贡井镇)
  • Xiaokangying Township(小康营乡)
  • Mapo Township(马坡乡)
  • Qingshuiyi Township(清水驿乡)
  • Longquan Township (龙泉乡)
  • Weiying Township(韦营乡)
  • Zhonglianchuan Township(中连川乡)
  • Yuanzicha Township (园子岔乡)
  • Shanghuacha Township(上花岔乡)
  • Haxian Township(哈岘乡)

It is proposed that Yuzhong will be upgraded to Yuzhong District.[6]


Until April 2019, it was a designated poverty stricken county, however due to its favorable location near Lanzhou, along important transportation axes, the county has rapidly developed industry and services sectors.[1]

Jiuquan Iron & Steel has a major steel plant in Yuzhong producing 1.3 million tons of steel annually.[7]


  • Xinglongshan National Nature Reserve[8]



The Chongqing–Lanzhou railway passes through Yuzhong county, but does not have any stations within the county. The Lanzhou Metro is proposed to be extended to Yuzhong.


Educational institutes

Several institutes of higher learning have (one of) their campuses in Yuzhong county.

Xiaguanying town
Heping town


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