Yarowilca Province

Isi Pampa in the Jacas Chico District
Isi Pampa in the Jacas Chico District
Location of Yarowilca in the Huánuco Region
Location of Yarowilca in the Huánuco Region
 • MayorRubino Aguirre Solorzano
 • Total759.71 km2 (293.33 sq mi)
(2005 census)
 • Total38,813
 • Density51/km2 (130/sq mi)

The Yarowilca Province is the smallest of eleven provinces of the Huánuco Region in Peru. The capital of this province is Chavinillo.



One of the highest peaks of the district is Qullqa Punta at 4,542 m (14,902 ft). Other mountains are listed below:[1]

  • Atuq Wachanan
  • Awkin Qaqa
  • Hatun Uqhu Punta
  • Huch'uy Yaku
  • Ichik Yanama
  • Inka Wayin
  • Isu Pampa
  • Kachi Pampa Punta
  • Kimsa Ukru Punta
  • Kunkush Punta
  • Kuntur Mach'ay
  • Laksha Warina
  • Mata Punta
  • Mata Qaqa Punta
  • Mina Punta
  • Para Qucha Punta
  • Puka Qucha
  • Puka Rumi Punta
  • Puma Wayin
  • P'itiq Punta
  • Rumi Sunqu
  • Ruphay Punta
  • Siklla Raqra Punta
  • Silla Kancha
  • Tuqtuqucha Punta
  • T'akaq
  • Uqsha P'itiq
  • Wank'ayuq
  • Wari Punta
  • Warmi Rumi
  • Waylla Punta
  • Wichhu Qullpa
  • Wiñaq Punta
  • Wiru Wiru
  • Yana Qucha
  • Yana Tutu
  • Yanashallash

Political division

The province is divided into eight districts, which are:

Ethnic groups

The people in the province are mainly indigenous citizens of Quechua descent. Quechua is the language which the majority of the population (60.97%) learnt to speak in childhood, 38.74% of the residents started speaking using the Spanish language (2007 Peru Census).[2]


Some of the most important archaeological sites of the province are Awkillu Waqra, T'akaq, Wallpayunka, Warahirka, Waruq and Wich'un.


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Coordinates: 9°46′59″S 76°35′00″W / 9.78306°S 76.58333°W / -9.78306; -76.58333

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