Yangibozor, Bukhara Region

urban-type settlement[1]
Yangibozor is located in Uzbekistan
Location in Bukhara
Coordinates: 40°02′0″N 64°23′30″E / 40.03333°N 64.39167°E / 40.03333; 64.39167Coordinates: 40°02′0″N 64°23′30″E / 40.03333°N 64.39167°E / 40.03333; 64.39167
Country Uzbekistan
RegionBukhara Region
DistrictPeshku District
Urban-type settlement status2012
 • TypeTuman
 • HokimQodirov Olim Zoirovich
 • Total7,100
Time zoneUTC+5 (UZT)
Area code998 6535[2]

Yangibozor (Uzbek: Yangibozor, Янгибозор, Russian: Янгибазар) is an urban-type settlement and seat of Peshku District in Bukhara Region in Uzbekistan.[1] It was established on 15 April 1950. Its population was 4,426 in 1989,[3] and 7,100 in 2016.[4] Center of Yangi Bozor is situated in street Chiqirchi. There are two colleges Vocational and Industrial colleges.


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