Witham's Cemetery

Witham's Cemetery
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Witham's Cemetery
Witham's Cemetery is located in Gibraltar
Witham's Cemetery
Shown within Gibraltar
Coordinates36°07′43.2″N 5°21′03.0″W / 36.128667°N 5.350833°W / 36.128667; -5.350833Coordinates: 36°07′43.2″N 5°21′03.0″W / 36.128667°N 5.350833°W / 36.128667; -5.350833

Witham's Cemetery is a cemetery in Gibraltar.


The cemetery takes its name from Captain Witham, a British officer of the 18th century involved in the sieges of Gibraltar, said to be "a rather spirited gentleman, who enjoyed himself by digging up a garden over the night."[1] The Gibraltar Naval Memorial notes that the U.S. Navy, in cooperation with the British, once moved graves from the Witham's Road Cemetery to the North Front Cemetery.[2]


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