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This is an index to the Archives of the Criteria discussions from WP:WSS.

On occasion the abbreviations used on the stub types page will be used here:

  • '''*R''' = Redirection
  • '''*D''' = Deletion
  • '''*W''' = Wikiproject-related

Note to archivers

The archives

A new page exists that is meant to assist in the preservation of information leading to the creation of stub-types: Wikipedia:WikiProject_Stub_sorting/Criteria/Creations. Discussions from Archives 1-6 and 8 have been copied and edited to this page; editing consists of removing text that is not aimed at the rationale for creation, the usage guidelines for the stub-type, or the position in the stub hierarchy. This is meant as a reference page to assist in using existing stub-types and in creating new ones. Courtland 02:14, 2005 May 16 (UTC)

Matters relating to stub deletion and redirection, and general discussions on stub topics are now listed according to whichever archive they appear in, below.

Archive 1 Summary

Archived: 15 February 2005

  • Stub-type creation: biochem-stub, NYCS stub, rocket-stub
  • Stub-type deletion *D: city-stub
  • Stub-type redirection *R: car-stub => auto-stub
  • Stub-type discussions: med-stub, Hong-Kong-stub, HK-stub, Hong-Kong-geo-stub, Palestine-stub, Taiwan-stub, Islam-stub, Christianity-stub, album-stub
  • Other discussions: Science stubs organization; Geography-related stubs; sub-categories to large stub categories.
  • Stub-type proposals not enacted: stub for "illustrators of books"
  • Other proposals not enacted: *R mov-stub and movie-stub => film-stub; *R us-geo-stub => US-geo-stub; *D cowstub

Archive 2 Summary

Archived: 15 February 2005

  • Stub-type creation: micro-stub, fungi-stub, bacteria-stub, biochem-stub (also in Archive 1)
  • Stub-type discussions: edu-stub, philo-stub, disney-stub, city-stub, knot-stub
  • Other discussions: biology (lifeform) stub type organization; people stubs organization; WikiProjects and stub types
  • Stub-type proposals not enacted: entertainment-stub, language-stub
  • Other proposals not enacted: *D disney-stub, *D city-stub, *R city-stub => geo-stub

Archive 3 Summary

Archived: 2 March 2005

  • Stub-type creation: arch-stub, band-stub, climate-stub, fantasy-stub, fashion-stub, geometry-stub, scientist-stub, treatment-stub
  • Stub-type discovery: sex-stub
  • Stub-type redirection: *R phys-stub => physics-stub
  • Other discussions: US state stubs
  • Stub-type proposals not enacted: brand-stub, labor-union-stub

Archive 4 Summary

Archived: 16 March 2005

  • Stub-type discussions: {{Compu-domain-stub}}; text of {{med-stub}}
  • Stub-type proposals not enacted: create Cthulhu-stub; delete {{eris-stub}}

Archive 5 Summary

Archived: 19 April 2005

  • Stub-type discussions: A long discussion on the scope and divisions of stubs relating to China and Taiwan.

Archive 6 Summary

Archived: 19 April 2005

Archive 7 Summary

Archived: 11 May 2005

  • Stub-type discussions: dealing with the large number of people stubs; subdividing Africa-geo-stub.

Archive 8 Summary

Archived: 16 May 2005

  • Stub-type creation: Bank-stub, Retail-stub, Comp-sci-stub, Crater-stub, Mammal-stub, Bird-stub, Reptile-stub, Fish-stub, Invertebrate-stub, Pre-columbian-stub
  • Stub-type deletion *D: Shahnama-stub, Secur-stub, Lake-stub, Andorra-geo-stub, Texas-stub
  • Stub-type discussions: Important-stub, Corp-stub, Org-stub, Struct-stub, Bio-stubs as a group
  • Stub-type proposals not enacted: Library-stub, Comm-stub, Cerem-stub, Scholar-stub, Professor-stub, Child-book-stub, Greek-myth-stub, Digimon-stub, Fict-char-stub, Fict-bio-stub, bio-fict-stub, Native-America-Myth-Stub, Public-transport-stub

Archive 9 Summary

Archived: 22 May 2005

Archive 10 Summary

Archived: 16 June 2005

Archive 11 Summary

Archived: 23 June 2005

Archive 12 Summary

Archived: 24 June 2005

Archive 13 Summary

Archived: 4 July 2005

Archive 14 Summary

Archived: Day Month Year

Archive 15 Summary

Archived: Day Month Year

Archive 16 Summary

Archived: 30 July 2005

Archive 17 Summary

Archived: 14 August 2005; Archiving from "Discoveries" page

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