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Project parentage

Welcome to the WikiProject Japan Prefectures taskforce! The objective of this taskforce is to improve all of the prefecture and prefecture-related articles on Wikipedia. Some of the articles are extensive, while others are barely stubs. We plan to bring all of the prefecture articles up to Featured Article status eventually, and you can help! Even if you can only spend a short time here and there working on the articles, your assistance is greatly appreciated.


This taskforce aims primarily at having a standard guidelines for Japanese prefecture pages, categories, and templates.

Related taskforces

Article structure

Please see the Tokyo article for a good example of a well-fleshed-out article. Please follow that general structure for any other prefecture articles. Most Japanese prefectures are named after their capital and to avoid disambiguation the article should start with the prefecture's name followed by the word prefecture. e.g. Hiroshima Prefecture. Always capitalize the word "prefecture" when using it as part of the name.

As a rule for using Kanji, Hiragana and/or Katakana ensure that users without Japanese reading skills will be able to pronounce these words if e.g. Tokyo Prefecture (東京都, Tōkyō-to).

For more guidance, please either post on the talk page, or ask at the WikiProject Japan talk page.

General strategy and status



Participant Primary areas of expertise Secondary areas of expertise Will help in other areas?
Araisyohei ? ? ?
Ashibaka Fukuoka ? ?
Curzon ? ? ?
Daneel Osaka Kobe, Kyoto,Can do some translation Yes
Hirohisat Translation ? If I can
Araisyohei ? ? ?
Igloo321 Saitama, Topography ? Yes
MChew Shizuoka, Aomori, Kanagawa Can do some translation Yes
Nihonjoe Hiroshima Okayama, Shimane, Tottori Yes
synthetik ? ? ?
Taku ? ? ?
Zscout370 Prefectural symbols ? ?
Sayotadashil Saitama Can do some translation Yes
Walkietalkie123 Oita Can do some translation ?
McCunicano Aomori Can do some translation Yes

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