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Referencing and notability
Your article will be declined if the topic is not notable, violates copyright, or is not referenced properly.
The topic of an article must already be covered in reliable sources that are independent of the subject. These include academic journals, books, newspapers, magazines, and media with a reputation for fact checking. Social media, press releases or corporate/professional profiles do not qualify.
Do not copy-paste or closely paraphrase material from sources. Rather, summarize what the source says in your own words.
  • Reliable, independent sources (see above) are preferred over non-independent sources
  • Non-independent sources (like company websites or press releases) can be used to verify basic facts only.
  • Blogs, social media, and tabloid journalism are generally not acceptable.
To create a reference, use <ref></ref> as follows
Bizco was founded in 1942.<ref></ref>
More details on how to cite different types of materials can be found at our introduction to referencing guide.

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