Emek HaMaayanot Regional Council

One of the springs in Emek Hamaayanot
Council emblem until 2008

Emek HaMa'ayanot Regional Council (Hebrew: מועצה אזורית עמק המעיינות, Mo'atza Azorit Emek HaMa'ayanot, lit. Valley of the Springs Regional Council) is a regional council in the Northern District of Israel that encompasses most of the settlements in the Beit She'an Valley. Until 2008 it was known as the Beit She'an Valley Regional Council (Mo'atza Azorit Bik'at Beit She'an).[1]

Physical geography

The territory of the regional council is bounded by the Jezreel Valley in the west, in the north by the Lower Galilee, to the east by the Jordan River, and the south by the Jordan Valley and Samarian hills.

Population and administrative geography

About 12,000 people live in the sixteen kibbutzim, six moshavim, and 2 community villages located in its municipal territory. The city of Beit She'an lies in the centre of the territory, but is an independent municipality.

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  1. ^ גלגולה החדש של בקעת בית-שאן: "עמק המעיינות" [The new incarnation of the Beit She'an Valley: "The Valley of the Springs"], Makor Rishon, June 13, 2008

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