Vaitaongo Cave

Vai Tango
Coordinates20°8′47.84″S 157°20′29.23″W / 20.1466222°S 157.3414528°W / -20.1466222; -157.3414528Coordinates: 20°8′47.84″S 157°20′29.23″W / 20.1466222°S 157.3414528°W / -20.1466222; -157.3414528

Vai Tango Cave is a karst cave located a short distance from Ngatiarua Village, on the island of Mauke in the Cook Islands.[1] The cave is a cenote cave with overhanging stalactites and a deep pool used for swimming.[2] The pool extends more than 100m back and 50m across. [3]


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