Vadul Turcului

Vadul Turcului
Вадул-Туркулуй (Russian)
Вадул-Туркулуй (Ukrainian)
Vadul Turcului is located in Moldova
Vadul Turcului
Vadul Turcului
Coordinates: 47°56′16″N 28°59′19″E / 47.93778°N 28.98861°E / 47.93778; 28.98861
Country (de jure) Moldova
Country (de facto) Transnistria
DistrictRîbnița District
137 m (449 ft)
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)

Vadul Turcului (Romanian; Ukrainian: Вадул-Туркулуй; Russian: Вадул-Туркулуй, Vadul-Turkului, Polish: Wadyturkuł) is a commune in Transnistria, Moldova. Its name means "Turk's ford" in Romanian. It is composed of two villages, Molochișul Mic (Малий Молокіш, Малый Молокиш) and Vadul Turcului.[1]

It is also the site of the Church of the Blessed Virgin's Birth, a Russian Orthodox church featured on gold and silver coins issued in the series of Orthodox Temples (Transnistria) by Transnistria's Central Bank.

Coordinates: 47°56′N 28°59′E / 47.933°N 28.983°E / 47.933; 28.983


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