Urubamba mountain range

Urubamba mountain range
Chicón (center) as seen from the south west
Highest point
PeakVeronica, Sahuasiray
Elevation5,818 m (19,088 ft)
Length30 km (19 mi) N-S
RegionCusco Region
Parent rangeAndes

The Urubamba[1][2][3][4] mountain range (possibly from Quechua uru spider, pampa a plain)[citation needed] lies in the Cusco Region in Peru.[1] It extends in a northwesterly direction between 13°08' and 13°17'S and 71°58' and 72°16'W for about 30 km.[2]


Most of the names in the range originate from Quechua and Aymara languages. They used to be spelled according to a mainly Spanish-based orthography which is incompatible with the normalized spellings of these languages[citation needed] and Law 29735 which regulates the 'use, preservation, development, recovery, promotion and diffusion of the original languages of Peru'. According to Article 20 of Decreto Supremo No 004-2016-MC (Supreme Decree) which approves the Regulations to Law 29735, published in the official newspaper El Peruano on July 22, 2016, adequate spellings of the toponyms in the normalized alphabets of the indigenous languages must progressively be proposed with the aim of standardizing the namings used by the IGN.[citation needed] The IGN realizes the necessary changes in the official maps of Peru.[citation needed] These changes are part of a process to promote and preserve the indigenous languages.[5]

Hints to wrong spellings are terms containing hua and hui (instead of wa and wi), "e", "o", "ca", "cu", "qu" or diphthongs among others.[citation needed]


The highest mountains in the range are Veronica at 5,893 metres (19,334 ft) and Sahuasiray at 5,818 metres (19,088 ft). Other mountains are listed below:[6][7]


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