Untamed (Walibi Holland)

Walibi Holland Untamed first drop.jpg
Walibi Holland
LocationWalibi Holland
Park sectionWilderness
Coordinates52°26′34″N 5°45′39″E / 52.44278°N 5.76083°E / 52.44278; 5.76083Coordinates: 52°26′34″N 5°45′39″E / 52.44278°N 5.76083°E / 52.44278; 5.76083
Opening date1 July 2019
ReplacedRobin Hood
General statistics
ManufacturerRocky Mountain Construction
DesignerAlan Schilke
ModelI-Box Track
Lift/launch systemChain lift hill
Max vertical angle80°
Capacity900 riders per hour
Height restriction120 cm (3 ft 11 in)
Trains2 trains with 6 cars. Riders are arranged 2 across in 2 rows for a total of 24 riders per train.
Height36.5 m (119.8 ft)
Drop35.4 m (116.1 ft)
Length1,085 m (3,559 ft)
Speed92 km/h (57.2 mph)
RestraintsSeat belt and lap bar
Fast Lane available
Single rider line available
Untamed at RCDB

Untamed is a Rocky Mountain Construction hybrid steel-wood roller coaster at Walibi Holland, a theme park in the Netherlands. Untamed replaced Robin Hood, a wooden roller coaster that closed on 28 October 2018.[1]


Robin Hood

Robin Hood was a coaster designed by Stand Company and was built by Vekoma. The ride opened in 2000 and had a capacity of 815 people per hour, operating two trains carrying 24 people. Robin Hood closed on 28 October 2018, for a makeover from Rocky Mountain Construction.[1]


Construction for Untamed began in late October 2018. The track of Robin Hood was removed along with some parts of the wooden construction.[2] Also, all previous theming elements were taken down. The new track was finished on 16 May 2019. Test rides started three weeks later on 3 June 2019.[3][4] Untamed opened on 1 July 2019.[5]


The coaster keeps the record for most inversions on a hybrid coaster, namely 5. During the ride, there are 14 airtime moments. The layout features a unique element called a 270 degrees Double Inverting Corner Stall which consists of two inversions right after each other. The element is located in the first turn, right after the first drop.

In the queue line of Untamed, several remnants of Robin Hood can be found, such as track parts and an old train cart.

Untamed has a wilderness theming and the trains are designed to look like an insect.


Statistic Robin Hood Untamed
Operating years 22 April 2000 - 28 October 2018 1 July 2019–present
Manufacturer Vekoma Rocky Mountain Construction
Designer - Alan Schilke
Track Type Wood Steel
Height 32 m or 105 ft 36 m or 118 ft
Length 1,035 m or 3,396 ft 1,085 m or 3,560 ft
Speed 80 km/h or 50 mph 92 km/h or 57 mph
Duration 2:25 1:45
Inversions 0 5
Capacity 815 persons/hour 900 persons/hour
Entrance Robin Hood juli 2018.jpg Walibi Holland Untamed Logo.jpg

Reception and records

Untamed was ranked in the Amusement Today's Golden Ticket Awards for best new roller coaster of 2019 in fifth place.[6]

Golden Ticket Awards: Best New Roller Coaster for 2019


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