University of Trinidad and Tobago

University of Trinidad and Tobago
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MottoEducation with a global vision
PresidentProfessor Prakash Persad (Acting)
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The University of Trinidad and Tobago, also known as UTT, is a state owned university in Trinidad and Tobago established in 2004. Its main campus, currently under construction, will be located at Wallerfield in Trinidad.[1][2] Presently, its campuses are an amalgamation of several former technological colleges throughout the country.

It is one of three universities in Trinidad and Tobago, the others being the University of the West Indies and University of the Southern Caribbean.

Board of Governors

The University is headed by a board of governors. The current board consists of:[3]

  • Chairman - Professor Kenneth S. Julien (Emeritus)
  • Professor Clement A. C. Imbert
  • Professor Hollis Liverpool
  • Nicolin Carol Moore
  • Shivan Ojah-Maharaj
  • Jerome Dookie
  • Orville Carrington
  • Michael Patrick Cooper
  • Ulric McNicol Esq.


San Fernando campus

The University is a multi-campus facility with major campuses located as follows :[4]

  • Camden Campus
  • O'Meara Campus
  • Valsayn Campus
  • Corinth Campus
  • Chaguanas Campus
  • Point Lisas Campus
  • John S. Donaldson Campus (Rebranded as the Creativity Campus)
  • San Fernando Campus
  • Chaguaramas Campus
  • Tobago Campus
  • The Eastern Caribbean Institute of Agriculture and Forestry (E.C.I.A.F.)
  • Tamana InTech Park, Wallerfield, site of the University's Signature Complex and Main Campus. Construction has started, but the complex is not yet finished.


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