Ukrainian Postal Service (Public Joint Stock Company "Ukrposhta")
TypePublic company (since 2015)
IndustryPostal and public services
Founded1947[2] (member of Universal Postal Union and Soviet Post)
Headquarters22 Khreshchatyk st, Kyiv, Ukraine; Post code: 01001
Key people
Ihor Smilianskyi (Director)[3]
ServicesMail, express mail, parcel post, commercial delivery, freight forwarding, third-party logistics, transfer payment (utilities payments, subscriptions and pensions distribution, other money transfers)[4]
RevenueIncrease UA₴ 1,831 million (the first 6 months of 2015)[5]
Number of employees
73 000 (including: mail carriers – 32 000; operators – 13 700; sorters – 2 600;) [6]

JSC Ukrainian Postal Service or Ukrposhta (Ukrainian: Укрпошта) is the national postal service of Ukraine. It is a public company with 100% state ownership due to its strategic importance. In 1999–2015 it was a unitary enterprise of the government of Ukraine. Ukrposhta has been a member of Universal Postal Union since 1947 and the owner of national stamp issuing enterprise "Ukraine Stamps" (Ukrainian: Марки України).


Logo in 1992–2009
Logo 2009 to 2017
Seal used on some stamps and mailboxes

Ukrposhta operated within the Soviet Ministry of Telecommunications (Administration of Postal Communication, Russian: Управление почтовой связи) as its republican branch on territory of the Ukrainian SSR and was centered in Moscow. The Ukrainian SSR did not have a separate system of telecommunications and was completely integrated within the Soviet system of telecommunications. As part of the Gorbachev reforms (perestroika and decentralization, see Union of Sovereign States), in 1991, Ukrtelecom was created in Soviet Ukraine which took over administration of all means of communication such as postal and signal.

In 1994 Ukrposhta started to operate as a separate business entity following the restructuring of Ukrtelecom, after which Ukrposhta has been providing postal service, while Ukrtelecom has been providing telephone and telegraph services.

In July 1998 Ukrposhta was reformed again on a government request.

It is currently managed by the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine decrees.

Ukrposhta's activities are regulated by the Law of Ukraine "On Postal Service" (in force since 4 October 2001) and other laws including regulations of the UPU.


In 2016 Ukrposhta revealed company overview and statistics of 2015:

  • 27 Regional administrative directories;
  • 12 000 post offices (including 9 000 in rural areas);
  • 73 000 employees (Postmen – 32.0; operators −13.7; Sorters – 2.6)
  • 200.9 million of postal items annual processing and delivery, including:
15.4 million insured items;
11.1 million orders;
74.0 million pensions delivered;
  • Direct fetching to 15 million subscriber mailboxes;
  • Subscription distribution: 500.7 million copies a year;
  • Transporting 31 tons annually; total vehicles mileage covering 72 million km;

Impact of events in 2014

The events of 2014 narrowed the scope of the company's geographical activities: in April of this year, Ukrposhta ceased operations in the Crimea and Sevastopol, and in December left the territories of the recognized DPR and LPR. On the basis of its infrastructure in these regions, the “Post of Crimea” (from April 21), “Post of Donbass” (from December 2) and “LNR Post” appeared respectively. For reference, as of the beginning of 2014, Ukrposhta had 553 post offices and 221 vehicles to transport mail to Crimea. About 4.7 thousand people, or about 5% of its workforce, were involved in the directorates of Ukrposhta on the peninsula.

Starting from March 27, 2014, postal items sent by "Ukrposhta" from the mainland of Ukraine are not accepted by the postal service of Crimea and Sevastopol and are returned back. Under these circumstances, "Ukrposhta" is not able to forward postal items to the Crimean peninsula. Given the current situation, Ukrposhta has suspended the acceptance of postal items to Crimea.

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