Trolleybuses in Mingachevir

Mingachevir trolleybus system
LocaleMingachevir, Azerbaijan
Open15 April 1989 (1989-04-15)
Close31 March 2006 (2006-03-31)
Lines3 (max)
Stock17 (max)

The Mingachevir trolleybus system was a system of trolleybuses forming part of the public transport arrangements in Mingachevir, the fourth most populous city in Azerbaijan, for about 15 years at the turn of the 21st century.[1]


The system was opened on 15 April 1989. At its height, it consisted of three lines. The only remaining line was closed on 31 March 2006.[1]


The three lines operating at the height of the system were as follows:

  1. Садоводческое хозяйство (Horticultural Industry) — посёлок АзГРЭС (AzGRÈS)
  2. Варвары (Barbarians) — Депо (Depot) — Варвары (Barbarians)
  3. Дормаш (Dormash) — Депо (Depot)


The Mingachevir trolleybus fleet comprised 17 vehicles of type ZiU-9.[1] As of 2009, part of the fleet was still in the depot.

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