Trams in Monaco

Trams in Monaco
Transit typeTram
Number of lines3
Began operation1898
Ended operation1931
Operator(s)Compagnie des Tramways de Monaco
System length5.1 km (3.2 mi)

The Compagnie des tramways de Monaco (TM), was created in 1897 by Henri Crovetto,[1] a Monegasque entrepreneur, in order to construct an electric tramway in Monaco.


The company received permission for several lines:

  • Place d'Armes - Saint Roman, opened on 14 May 1898
  • Gare de Monaco - Place du Gouvernement, opened on 11 March 1899
  • Casino - Gare de Monte-Carlo, opened on 3 May 1900

In 1900, the network is connected by the Tramway de Nice et du Littoral (TNL) company In 1903, the section from the Casino - Gare de Monte-Carlo is withdrawn In 1909, the company is absorbed by the TNL

On 26 January 1931, the tramways disappeared from Monaco.[citation needed]


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  • photo d'un croisement de deux motrices TNL et TM au Casino,

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