A Catholic church in Tonj
A Catholic church in Tonj
Tonj is located in South Sudan
Location in South Sudan
Coordinates: 07°16′48″N 28°40′48″E / 7.28000°N 28.68000°E / 7.28000; 28.68000Coordinates: 07°16′48″N 28°40′48″E / 7.28000°N 28.68000°E / 7.28000; 28.68000
Country South Sudan
StateWarrap State
CountyTonj South County
1,404 ft (427 m)
 (2010 Estimate)
 • Total17,340
Time zoneUTC+3 (EAT)

Tonj is a city in South Sudan.


The city is located in Tonj South County, Warrap State,[1] in northwest South Sudan. Its location lies approximately 525 kilometres (326 mi), by road, northwest of Juba, the capital and largest city in the country.[2] It lies on the northwest bank of the Tonj River (or Ibba River).

Tonj lies between Rumbek, approximately 153 kilometres (95 mi) by road to the southeast,[3] and Wau, approximately 108 kilometres (67 mi) by road to the northwest.[4] The coordinates of Tonj are: 7° 16' 48.00"N, 28° 40' 48.00"E (Latitude: 7.2800; Longitude: 28.6800). The average elevation of the town is approximately 427 metres (1,401 ft) above sea level.[5]


Tonj is a small but growing town in South Sudan's vast interior. Situated between two larger urban centers of Rumbek and Wau, the town is a significant transit point for road travellers. The town's airport has not yet attracted regular airline service.

Tonj is the largest city in Warrap State, one of the ten (10) states that constitute South Sudan. The town and the county where it lies (Tonj County), are the ancestral home to the Dinka along with the Bongo ethnic groups, along with several smaller tribal groups. South Sudanese leader William Deng Nhial was buried in Tonj.


In 2010, it was estimated that the population of Tonj, South Sudan, was approximately 17,340.[6]

Notable People

John Lee Tae-seok

South Korean Fr. John Lee Tae-seok worked as a Catholic missionary, priest, doctor, teacher and mentor to the people of Tonj. He worked at the leper colony. Lee Tae-seok was responsible for the introduction of a school, the Don Bosco hospital as well as forming the nation's first brass band which brought fame to the town. In memory of Lee Tae-seok, who died of cancer in 2010, the Korean TV network KBS and the South Sudanese government are working on a joint project called “Smile, Tonj” to rebuild Tonj.[7][8][9]

Emmanuel Jal

Musician, actor and activist Emanuel Jal was born in Tonj.[10]

James Thuch Madhier

Humanitarian James Thuch Madhier[11] was born in Tonj.[12]

Thomas Taban Akot

Medical Doctor, Thomas Taban Akot.[13][14]


Three main roads lead out of Tonj:

Nomenclature and disambiguation

Tonj is known by four other nicknames including: Kalkuel, Gen-ngeu, Jurkatac and Genanyuon. Tonj is also considered as a community name for the people of the Former Tonj District during the colonial period. The Communities in Tonj are divided into the chieftainships. These chieftainships include the following:

In Tonj East (Riangnhom Rural Council)

1. Luanyjang Aguer Adel

2. Akook Tek

3. Thiik

4. Luanykoth

5. Ador

6. Kongor

In Tonj South (Thiet Rural Council)

1. Bongo

2. Muok Akot Wut

3. Yar Ayiei Cikom

4. Thony Akol Aduol

5. Apuk Jurwiir

6. Malual Karthiith

In Tonj North (Lil Rural Council)

1. Lou Ariik

2. Apuk Padoc

3. Konggor Arop Akol

4. Awan Parek

5. Lou Paher

6. Jur Mananger

7. Noi Ayii Kuot

8. Atok Buk

9. Abiem Mayar Mareng

10. Abuok Ayom

11. Leer Mayom Aken

12. Nyang Akoc Majok

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