Tinkisso Falls

Tinkisso Falls
Tinkisso Falls is located in Guinea
Tinkisso Falls
Locationnear Dabola, Guinea
Coordinates10°43′45″N 11°10′12″W / 10.7291°N 11.17°W / 10.7291; -11.17Coordinates: 10°43′45″N 11°10′12″W / 10.7291°N 11.17°W / 10.7291; -11.17

Tinkisso Falls is a waterfall on the Tinkisso River located near Dabola in central Guinea.[1] The falls are 70 m (230 ft) wide and 45 m (148 ft) high.[2] The flow is highest during the rainy season, when the river flows close to ten times as strongly as in the dry season.[2]

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