Tereora College

Tereora College
PO Box 107
Coordinates21°12′19″S 159°48′26″W / 21.2053°S 159.80713°W / -21.2053; -159.80713Coordinates: 21°12′19″S 159°48′26″W / 21.2053°S 159.80713°W / -21.2053; -159.80713
MottoCook Islands Māori: Kia Toa
(Be Brave)
Established1895 / 1954
PrincipalTania Morgan
Years offered9-13
School roll760[1]

Tereora College is a secondary school in Nikao, Rarotonga, Cook Islands. It is the oldest secondary school in the Cook Islands and the national college of the Cook Islands for Year 9-13 students.

The school was first established in 1895 by the London Missionary Society. It closed in 1911 by the New Zealand colonial administration.[2] It was re-opened in 1954 as a public school.[3] The junior school offers the Cook Islands National Curriculum, while the senior school offers levels 1 - 3 of the New Zealand National Certificate of Educational Achievement.

The school buildings were built in the 1950s,[3] but by 2015 were old and damp.[4] In 2015 during the celebrations of the Cook Islands' 50th anniversary of self-government, New Zealand Prime Minister John Key announced an $11.7 million gift to redevelop the college.[4] The redevelopment was to be designed by two former students who had studied architecture in New Zealand, and run in partnership with the Cook Islands investment Corporation.[5] New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern opened stage one of the redevelopment in March 2018.[6][7]

A book on the early history of the school, Below the Bluff at Nikao, was published in 1995.[8]

Jacinda Ardern opening Tereora College redevelopment in 2018

School Anau

The school groups students into four anau each named for a mountain on Rarotonga:[9]

Te Kou
Te Manga

Students stay in the same anau class for their whole time at school.[10]

Notable alumni


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