Tel Halif

Coordinates: 31°22′59″N 34°51′58″E / 31.383062°N 34.866140°E / 31.383062; 34.866140

Tel Halif, a view from south

Tel H̱alif, formerly Tel H̱alifa (Hebrew: תל חליף, Arabic name: Tel el-Khuweilifeh) is an archaeological site, a mound (tell) in northern Negev area, west from kibbutz Lahav, Israel.

Albrecht Alt suggested that it is the location of the biblical town of Ziklag. Other evidence suggests Rimmon.[1]

Excavcations around Tel Halif was among the research activities of the Cobb Institute of Archaeology as part of the Lahav Research Project arranged by Joe Seger in 1974.[2][3]

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