Tang Valley

Tang Valley is one of the four valleys of Bumthang District, Bhutan.[1]

Tang Valley
Tang Valley is located in Bhutan
Tang Valley
Tang Valley
Coordinates: 27°45′8″N 90°40′40″E / 27.75222°N 90.67778°E / 27.75222; 90.67778Coordinates: 27°45′8″N 90°40′40″E / 27.75222°N 90.67778°E / 27.75222; 90.67778
 • Total562.00 ha (1,388.74 acres)
2,800 - 5,000 m (−13,600 ft)
 • Total1,816
Time zoneUTC+6 (Bhutan Time)

It is located 11 km away from Jakar, the administrative center of Bumthang District, Bhutan. It trails higher up the lake called Mebartsho.[2]


Guru Rinpoche in his attempt to subdue Khikha Rathoe, a son of Trisong Detsen, flew Khikha Rathoe and his ministers on a wooden aeroplane. As the aeroplane flew higher it caught on fire and Guru Rimpoche landed it on a rock at a valley in Bumthang. It is believed that the valley was named after the sound the aeroplane made on landing: 'Tang'. [3]


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