Takhli district

District location in Nakhon Sawan province
District location in Nakhon Sawan province
Coordinates: 15°15′47″N 100°20′37″E / 15.26306°N 100.34361°E / 15.26306; 100.34361Coordinates: 15°15′47″N 100°20′37″E / 15.26306°N 100.34361°E / 15.26306; 100.34361
ProvinceNakhon Sawan
 • Total854.1 km2 (329.8 sq mi)
 • Total114,912
 • Density130/km2 (350/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+7 (ICT)
Postal code

Thakhli (Thai: ตาคลี, pronounced [tāː.kʰlīː]) is the southernmost district (amphoe) of Nakhon Sawan province, Thailand.


The name of the district originates from the Tikhli (polo) ground in Sang Thong (สังข์ทอง), the royal novel of King Rama II. Sang Thong is a novel adapted from Takhli's folklore, that makes it present streets and utilities of the district are named according to the characters in the story.[1]

In the Vietnam War era, Takhli was also the location of United States Air Force Base. Up until now, it is also the location of the Takhli Royal Thai Air Force Base of the Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF).[2]

From the US Air Force setting up a base at that time. As a result, Takhli has become a red-light district for service to the G.I., especially in Ban Takhli railway station area there are many pubs, bars and sporting houses, make this quarter known locally as Thanon Daeng (ถนนแดง, "red street"). These prostitutes were not all local girls, some of them come from nearby areas such as Taphan Hin, Bang Mun Nak, Thap Khlo, Chum Saeng, Thap Krit etc. Nowadays, they have long become desolate places.[3]


Neighbouring districts are (from the north clockwise): Phayuha Khiri and Tak Fa of Nakhon Sawan; Nong Muang and Ban Mi of Lopburi province; In Buri of Singburi province; and Sapphaya, Mueang Chai Nat, and Manorom of Chai Nat province.


The district is divided into 11 sub-districts (tambons), which are further subdivided into 128 villages (mubans). Takhli itself has town status (thesaban mueang) and covers part of tambon Takhli. Chong Khae is a township (thesaban tambon) and covers parts of tambons Chong Khae and Phrom Nimit. There are a further 10 tambon administrative organizations (TAO).[1]

No. Name Thai name Villages Pop.
1. Takhli ตาคลี 24 53,322
2. Chong Khae ช่องแค 12 9,160
3. Chan Sen จันเสน 11 8,131
4. Huai Hom ห้วยหอม 11 4,914
5. Hua Wai หัวหวาย 14 9,399
6. Nong Pho หนองโพ 15 10,519
7. Nong Mo หนองหม้อ 7 3,862
8. Soi Thong สร้อยทอง 10 4,618
9. Lat Thippharot ลาดทิพรส 11 5,201
10. Phromnimit พรหมนิมิต 9 5,786


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