Stone structures at the archaeological site of T'akaq on the mountain of the same name
Highest point
Elevation4,000 m (13,000 ft)[1]
Coordinates9°49′40″S 76°36′55″W / 9.82778°S 76.61528°W / -9.82778; -76.61528

T'akaq (Quechua t'akay to scatter, to spread, -q a suffix,[2] "scattered, spread / the one that scatters", Hispanicized spellings Tacacc, Tacaj), Takaq (Quechua takay to hit,[2] "hit / the one that hits") or T'aqaq (Quechua t'aqay to separate,[2] "separated / the one that separates") is a nearly 4,000-metre-high (13,123 ft) mountain with an archaeological site of the same name in Peru. It is situated in the Huánuco Region, Yarowilca Province,[3] Chavinillo District, near Chavinillo.[4]

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