Sungai Durian, Solok

Sungai Durian
Sungai Durian is located in Indonesia
Sungai Durian
Sungai Durian
Coordinates: 0°50′05″S 100°47′21″E / 0.834684°S 100.789261°E / -0.834684; 100.789261Coordinates: 0°50′05″S 100°47′21″E / 0.834684°S 100.789261°E / -0.834684; 100.789261
ProvinceWest Sumatra
DistrictIX Koto Sungai Lasi
 • Total662
Postal code

Sungai Durian, or "Durian River", is a village in the district of IX Koto Sungai Lasi, Solok Regency in the province of West Sumatra, Indonesia.[2] The village had 662 inhabitants as of the 2010 census.[1]


A barefoot futsal tournament was held in the village in July 2015 between KKN students and local youth, the Sungai Durian Cup. At one point play was almost interrupted by a wandering buffalo.[3] In July 2016, towards the end of Ramadan, a dispute broke out between villagers of Sungai Durian and the neighboring village of Bukit Bais. Police intervened and managed to prevent violence.[4]

In January 2017 two women drowned when they slipped into what was said to be an abandoned open-pit gold mine in the village with a depth of about 4 metres (13 ft). Police would not confirm that the pool was an excavated mine, and said that if it was a mine they did not know when the mining was done.[5] The mine would be illegal under the constitution, but presumably its presence was known by the local people and the police.[6]


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