Greater Sudbury Public Library

Greater Sudbury Public Library
Bibliothèque publique du Grand Sudbury
Location74 Mackenzie Street
Sudbury, Ontario
P3C 4X8
Items collectedbusiness directories, phone books, maps, government publications, books, periodicals, genealogy, local history

The Greater Sudbury Public Library is a public library system in Greater Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.

The library system has 13 branches throughout the city. The main branch is called "Mackenzie" and it is located on Mackenzie Street in the downtown core. Additional branches are located in the communities of Azilda, Capreol, Chelmsford, Coniston, Copper Cliff, Dowling, Garson, Hanmer, Lively, Lo-Ellen, New Sudbury, and Onaping. A non-lending reference branch was formerly also located at Tom Davies Square, but this moved back to the Mackenzie location in 1998 after renovations expanded the Mackenzie building.

The largest library in the City of Greater Sudbury is the Mackenzie Library Main Branch. It provides access to bilingual business directories, phone books, maps, government publications, and a vast selection of books. The Reference Collection also has three special collections in its lower level: Genealogy, the Mary C. Shantz Local History Collection, and Canadian Legal Materials. The Makerspace located in the Mackenzie Library Main Branch offers sewing machines, 3D printers, and other tools for public use.[1]

The South End Library branch was demolished in 2009 after a broken sewer lead to sections of the building's floor sinking by over 35cm and the building was declared unsafe.[2] A new branch, designed by Yallowega Bélanger Salach Architecture,[3] was built in the same location with a $4.9 million budget and opened in 2012.[4] The new building includes outdoor reading and performance areas, spaces for children and teens, and meeting rooms.


South End branch of the Greater Sudbury Public Library
Branch Community Address Coordinates
Main Library Downtown Sudbury 74 Mackenzie Street 46°29′44″N 80°59′51″W / 46.49554°N 80.99749°W / 46.49554; -80.99749
Azilda Gilles Pelland Library Azilda 120 Saint Agnes Street 46°33′06″N 81°07′12″W / 46.55176°N 81.12010°W / 46.55176; -81.12010
Capreol Library & Citizen Service Centre Capreol 9 Morin Street 46°42′19″N 80°55′15″W / 46.70540°N 80.92085°W / 46.70540; -80.92085
Chelmsford Library & Citizen Service Centre Chelmsford 3502 Errington Avenue 46°34′50″N 81°11′56″W / 46.58059°N 81.19898°W / 46.58059; -81.19898
Coniston Library Coniston 30 Second Avenue 46°29′20″N 80°50′51″W / 46.48881°N 80.84744°W / 46.48881; -80.84744
Copper Cliff Library Copper Cliff 11 Balsam Street 46°28′28″N 81°04′01″W / 46.47457°N 81.06708°W / 46.47457; -81.06708
Dowling Library & Citizen Service Centre Dowling 79 Main Street West 46°35′08″N 81°20′25″W / 46.58562°N 81.34017°W / 46.58562; -81.34017
Garson Library & Citizen Service Centre Garson 214 Orell Street 46°33′29″N 80°51′58″W / 46.55809°N 80.86611°W / 46.55809; -80.86611
Levack / Onaping Library Onaping 1 Hillside Avenue 46°37′10″N 81°25′04″W / 46.61932°N 81.41766°W / 46.61932; -81.41766
Lively Library & Citizen Service Centre Lively 15 Kin Drive 46°26′17″N 81°08′43″W / 46.43795°N 81.14538°W / 46.43795; -81.14538
New Sudbury Library Sudbury 1346 Lasalle Boulevard 46°31′20″N 80°56′48″W / 46.52228°N 80.94672°W / 46.52228; -80.94672
South End Library Sudbury 1991 Regent Street 46°27′00″N 80°59′54″W / 46.45010°N 80.99835°W / 46.45010; -80.99835
Valley East Library & Citizen Service Centre Hanmer 4100 Elmview Drive 46°38′25″N 80°59′11″W / 46.64019°N 80.98637°W / 46.64019; -80.98637

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