Restaurant information
Head chefDennis Jong
Food typeFrench, Mediterranean[1]
Rating1 Michelin star Michelin Guide[2][needs update]
Street addressKapelstraat 16
Postal/ZIP Code1404 HX
Coordinates52°16′28.19″N 5°9′52.56″E / 52.2744972°N 5.1646000°E / 52.2744972; 5.1646000
WebsiteOfficial website (in Dutch)

Restaurant Soigné is a restaurant in Bussum, Netherlands. It is a fine dining restaurant that was awarded one Michelin star in 2010 and has retained that rating until the present.[3][4][5][2]

In 2013, GaultMillau awarded the restaurant 13 out of 20 points.[6]

The head chef of Soigné is Dennis Jong, former senior sous chef of La Rive. The maître is Frank Velthuyse. They have owned the restaurant since 2007.[7][8]

The restaurant is located in a building that formerly housed the restaurant Negliche. This restaurant was in 2006 sold to Sidney Heinze, former head chef of Tante Koosje. Heinze changed the name of the restaurant in Soigné, but sold the restaurant a year later.[7][8]

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