Sinas (crater)

Sinas crater AS15-M-2135.jpg
Apollo 15 Mapping Camera image. Sinas near center, Sinas E in upper left, and Sinas A in lower right
Coordinates8°48′N 31°36′E / 8.8°N 31.6°E / 8.8; 31.6Coordinates: 8°48′N 31°36′E / 8.8°N 31.6°E / 8.8; 31.6
Diameter12 km
Depth2.3 km
Colongitude329° at sunrise
EponymSimon Sinas

Sinas is a small lunar impact crater that lies in the eastern part of the Moon on the Mare Tranquillitatis. Its diameter is 12 km. It was named after the Greek magnate Simon Sinas.[1] This is an isolated formation that is located very near the midpoint of the lunar mare. Sinas is circular and bowl-shaped, with a small floor at the midpoint. A wrinkle ridge intersects the east edge of the crater, and several lunar domes lie to the north.

Nearby craters include Jansen and Carrel to the northwest, Aryabhata to the southeast, and Maskelyne to the south.


Satellite craters

Satellite craters of Sinas

By convention these features are identified on lunar maps by placing the letter on the side of the crater midpoint that is closest to Sinas.

Sinas Latitude Longitude Diameter
A 7.8° N 32.6° E 6 km
E 9.7° N 31.0° E 9 km
G 9.6° N 34.3° E 5 km
H 10.0° N 33.5° E 6 km
J 10.3° N 33.7° E 6 km
K 6.8° N 33.1° E 5 km


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