Shotorak monastery

Bodhisattva Shotorak Guimet MG21160.jpg
Meditating Buddha, Shotorak, 2-3rd century CE.
Shotorak monastery is located in South Asia
Shotorak monastery
Shown within South Asia
Shotorak monastery is located in Afghanistan
Shotorak monastery
Shotorak monastery (Afghanistan)
Shotorak monastery is located in Bactria
Shotorak monastery
Shotorak monastery (Bactria)
Coordinates34°55′51″N 69°25′59″E / 34.930701°N 69.432950°E / 34.930701; 69.432950Coordinates: 34°55′51″N 69°25′59″E / 34.930701°N 69.432950°E / 34.930701; 69.432950

Shotorak monastery, at Kuh-i Pahlawan, Kapisa Province, is an ancient monastery located in modern Afghanistan. It was positioned together with Paitava monastery around the city of Kapisa, 40 km north of Kabul, which was the northern capital of the Kushan Empire. Beautiful sculptures of Buddhist donors in Kushan dress are known from this site.[1]

Paitava, with Shorotak, have an artistic usage of representing the Buddha with fire emanating from the shoulders in the miracle of Sravasti, a feature also found on the effigies of Kushan kings on their coinage.[2]


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