Seremuk River

Seremuk River
Sungai Seremuk, Seremoek-rivier, Soengai Seremoek
Seremuk River is located in Western New Guinea
Seremuk River
Location of river mouth
Physical characteristics
 • locationSouthwest Papua

The Seremuk River is a river in Southwest Papua, Indonesia.[1]


The river flows in the southern area of Southwest Papua with predominantly tropical rainforest climate (designated as Af in the Köppen-Geiger climate classification).[2] The annual average temperature in the area is 23 °C. The warmest month is December, when the average temperature is around 24 °C, and the coldest is August, at 22 °C.[3] The average annual rainfall is 4797 mm. The wettest month is June, with an average of 662 mm rainfall, and the driest is October, with 225 mm rainfall.[4]

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Coordinates: 1°35′05″S 131°45′15″E / 1.5848°S 131.7542°E / -1.5848; 131.7542

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