Saqsa Punta

Saqsa Punta
Saqsa Punta is located in Peru
Saqsa Punta
Saqsa Punta
Highest point
Elevation4,083 m (13,396 ft)[1]
Coordinates9°38′28″S 76°23′00″W / 9.64111°S 76.38333°W / -9.64111; -76.38333Coordinates: 9°38′28″S 76°23′00″W / 9.64111°S 76.38333°W / -9.64111; -76.38333
LocationHuánuco Region
Parent rangeAndes

Saqsa Punta (Quechua saqsa multi-colored, punta peak, ridge,[2][3] "multi-colored peak (or ridge)", also spelled Sacsa Punta) is a 4,083-metre-high (13,396 ft) mountain in the Andes of Peru. It is located in the Huánuco Region, Huánuco Province, Churubamba District. Saqsa Punta lies north of Saqra Waqra.[4]


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