Riyadh Season

Riyadh Season
موسم الرياض
Riyadh Seasons 2021 Drone Show performed by Geoscan Group.jpg
A drone art of Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman during the kick-off of 2021 Riyadh Season
Location(s)Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Country Saudi Arabia
Founded11 October 2019
Organized byGeneral Entertainment Authority
National Events Center
SponsorsSaudia Cargo
Spring Rose Floristry
Part ofSaudi Seasons

Riyadh Season (Arabic: موسم الرياض) is a state-sponsored annual entertainment and sports festival, part of the larger Saudi Seasons initiative held since 2019 from October to March during winter in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


First unveiled by the General Entertainment Authority in accordance with the Saudi Vision 2030 in October 2019,[1][2] the festival brought unprecedented sports and entertainment themes in Riyadh.[3][4][5]

According to the chairman of the General Entertainment Authority, the government generated 6 billion Saudi Riyals in revenues from the first edition of the festival in 2019.[6] After maximizing the capacity in the second edition in 2021, the opening ceremony of the festival was attended by 750,000 people in the boulevard district, which included a parade, fireworks and a concert by Pitbull. [7]

Riyadh Season 2019

The first edition of the festival was launched on 11 October 2019 and was set to end on 15 December, but it was extended to January 2020 after the number of visitors exceeded 10 million. It included 100 events that took place at 12 different zones:[8]

  1. Riyadh Boulevard
  2. Riyadh Front
  3. Riyadh Car Exhibition
  4. Riyadh Winter Wonderland
  5. Riyadh Sports Arenas
  6. Diplomatic Quarters
  7. Al-Murabaa
  8. Al-Malazz
  9. Wadi Namar
  10. Riyadh Beat
  11. Riyadh Safari
  12. Riyadh Sahara

Riyadh Season 2021

The second edition of Riyadh Season was launched on 20 October 2021 and lasted until the end of March 2022. It lies in an area measuring 5.4 million square meters in which it hosts more than 7,000 events at 14 different zones.[9]

  1. Riyadh Boulevard
  2. Via Riyadh
  3. Combat Field
  4. Riyadh Winter Wonderland
  5. Riyadh Front
  6. Al-Murabaa
  7. Riyadh Safari
  8. Al-Athriyah
  9. Riyadh Oasis
  10. The Groves
  11. Nabd al-Riyadh
  12. Zaman Village
  13. al-Salam Tree
  14. Khalooha

See also

  • @HACK, a cybersecurity and hacking convention that annually is held during Riyadh Season.


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