Riyadh Military Hospital

Prince Sultan Military Medical City
LocationRiyadh, Saudi Arabia
Care systemPublic
FundingGovernment hospital
TypeDistrict General, Military
Emergency departmentYes
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Prince Sultan Military Medical City (PSMMC) also known as Riyadh Armed Forces Hospital is located in Riyadh City, the capital of Saudi Arabia, considered one of the most advanced centres in the Middle East. It is located in the heart of Riyadh. At a distance of approximately 20 kilometres (12 mi) from the city centre and easily accessible to the general population.[1] PSMMC is part of the Medical Services Department (MSD) of the Ministry of Defense (MOD).[2]


Riyadh Military Hospital was founded by King Khalid bin Abdulaziz in December 1978 to meet the demands of capital city Riyadh. He inaugurated the hospital with 385 beds in the first phase.[3] In the second stage at the end of 1979, Al Kharj Military Industries Corporation Hospital was commissioned with 60 beds and at the end of 1983, King Abdulaziz Military Academy was commissioned with 34 beds. Since that time the program has been growing in number of:[4] In 2001, King Fahad National Guard Hospital became part of King Abdulaziz Medical cities.[5][6][7] Passing through time and growth of RMH

  • Facilities Additional Buildings.
  • First iCT Web-based electronic medical records solution for patients and hospital record in the region[8]
  • 20 dispensaries in all Riyadh Metropolitan Area Support to 3 dispensaries belonging to Medical Service Department.[9]
  • 1,192 Beds including A&E, Delivery, NICU & Theater + 48 Dialysis Chairs.[10]
  • Support for Prince Sultan Cardiac Center (156 Beds purpose-built Cardiac Center).[11]
  • 7,179 Staff

Medical specialties

Following are the medical specialist department in the RMH[12]


The Hospital Management is committed in providing the best Healthcare services standard for its patients by[13]

  • meeting the expectations of its patients and workers
  • full commitment to the principles of Total Quality Management
  • providing the optimum support to all employees through effective training
  • improving the management operations efficiency
  • ensuring a continuous improvement work culture.


Riyadh Military Hospital earned a lot of laureates in the field of health and medical sciences. It is the first hospital in Saudi Arabia to publish more than 1600 research articles, trained more than 1017 physicians and 577 paramedics. It is the first-ever renal transplantation center in Saudi Arabia[14] where more than 750 kidney transplants have occurred since its birth and it is the only center of bone marrow transplantation in Saudi Arabia established and working since 1989.[15][16] RMH is the first and the only hospital to conduct liver transplant,[17] Stereotactic Radio-surgery, computer operated surgery. Epilepsy[18] treatment and surgery at Riyadh Military hospital was started on 1998 and it is the second largest referral program and management in Saudi Arabia.[19] In Academics, there are more than 33 fellowship programs, 238 physicians under training, about 20 diploma programs, and 136 trainees too.[20]


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